Otoplasty – Ear Pinning Reduces Protruding Ears

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Recipients of this cosmetic procedure have been consistently pleased with the long-lasting improvements to their appearance.

Otoplasty is more commonly known as “ear-pinning”, although no pins are involved, the ears will be surgically altered according to the desired shape and size of each individual patient.

Ear Surgery/Otoplasty

The most common surgery of the ear, is a procedure that helps reduce protrusion of the ear away from the head. Ears that “stick out” are often the source of teasing and ridicule in young children. This teasing can have a devastating effect on the someon’s self esteem. This surgery is not limited to children, and can also be performed on adult patients. Cosmetic procedures are available for those individuals with congenital (birth) irregularities that detract from their appearance. Additionally, an individual’s ears may exhibit abnormal traits due to their genetic make-up or an accidental injury, such as losing an ear, or part of an ear.

Otoplasty has been successfully utilized in each of these situations. Regardless of the motivations, recipients of this elective, cosmetic procedure have been consistently pleased with the long-lasting improvements to their appearance offered by ear surgery.

General Procedure

Ear surgery is commonly performed under general anesthesia for children, and local anesthesia for adults. The standard otoplasty procedure brings the ears closer to the head. Otoplasty begins with an incision hidden in the crease behind the ear. This incision allows the cartilage located behind the ears to be reshaped in order to position them closer to the head. The procedure takes approximately one to two hours, depending upon the extent of surgery.

There are various surgical techniques involved in correcting irregularities other than protruding ears. These techniques can be discussed with your physician during the initial consultation.

Outcomes and Results

The proportion, shape, symmetry, and position of mature ears can be corrected/restored by otoplasty. This procedure may also be performed in concert with another cosmetic surgery/surgeries, in order to create a more pleasing, and natural facial aesthetic.

The dramatic and positive aesthetic results of elective cosmetic ear surgery are noticeable immediately after the bandages are removed, and the benefits to the recipient’s self confidence, and self-esteem will last a lifetime. Otoplasty is most commonly performed to correct major cosmetic imperfections, such as unevenness or protrusions, but it is equally effective in correcting minor imperfections, from wrinkled earlobes to cupped/lopped ears.

Procedure & Result

Is Otoplasty Right For You?


Before determining that otoplasty corrective is right for you, consider the following ideal candidate qualities:

  • Adults, and children over five, who are in generally good health.
  • Individuals who have had no untreated chronic ear infections.
  • Individuals who are emotionally/intellectually mature enough to understand what cosmetic surgery entails or have a guardian who is.
  • Individuals who have realistic expectations about what this procedure can do for them.
Otoplasty does not correct hearing problems and, occasionally, more than one procedure may be necessary to reach your desired aesthetic. In rare cases, large ears may be surgically reduced in size by excising a segment of the ear, however, this is generally reserved for extreme cases, as a reduction surgery carries with it more severe inherent risks than standard pinning, or shaping such as scarring and/or ear deformity.

Corrective Surgery

Unlike most elective surgeries, otoplasty can be safely performed in prepubescent patients, once the cartilage in the ears is fully formed, corrective surgery is possible. Otoplasty is not only cosmetic, but it is a corrective surgical procedure, as well.

Otoplasty can also be performed to correct physical flaws caused by genetics and/or injury, provided the cartilage in the ears has been allowed to strengthen, before undergoing surgery.

The vast majority of cosmetic surgeries are not recommended until after the prospective patient has finished puberty, which affords almost any area of the body the chance to develop without interference; however, ear cartilage, never stops growing, so there is no medical reason to delay surgery. Records show that otoplasty has, in fact, been recorded as less physically taxing on children, due to their soft cartilage, than it is on adult patients. As is the case with all surgical procedures, your pre- surgical consultation with Dr. Craft will include a physical exam to assess patient eligibility for elective surgery, at which point your surgeon will discuss and disclose any and all risks associated with otoplasty.


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Recovery Process

After the surgery is completed, a comfortable bandages will be wrapped around the head to secure the ear in place. The bandages can typically be removed after twenty-four hours, although the patient is advised to use a gentle headband to hold the ears in place, to aid in healing for at least 3 weeks, especially at night. Generally, post-operative instructions call for plenty of rest and limited movement in order to speed up the healing process and reduce the recovery time. Patients sometimes report minor pain associated with surgery. Any pain can be treated effectively with oral medication, such as Tylenol. Other otoplasty recipients developed a temporary sensitivity to bending forward.


Are There Any Risks with the Procedure?

Answer: There are associated risks inherent in every surgical procedure, and otoplasty is no exception. During your consultation, your surgeon will review all risks inherent to and associated, with otoplasty, as well as how to prepare for your procedure, and what you should do/not do during your convalescence. Some risks include, but are not limited to: bleeding, infection, and ear discomfort.

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