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Mommy Makeover

With a fresh 12 months laid out before you, how will you choose to change the way you look and feel? Many people work hard all year- not just after New Year’s Eve- to battle the bulge and get in shape. A large number also find themselves frustrated when their diet and exercise don’t reduce sagging skin or repair separated abdominal muscles. If this describes you, a mommy makeover in Miami could be the best gift you give your self this season, and the results will pay off for many years to come.

Why Can’t Exercise Do What A Miami Mommy Makeover Can?

At Body by Craft, we’re in full support of a healthy, clean lifestyle being the ultimate compliment to any cosmetic procedure. Aerobic activity and balanced eating can do a lot for your physique, but unfortunately, they can’t repair the type of tissue damage common after pregnancy or weight loss. Men and women both suffer from hanging rolls after a significant fat reduction. Sometimes the excess will retract in the first year. However, the skin has limited ability to tighten up after drastic stretching common in pregnancy, and surgery may be the only effective and permanent option.

Additionally, the separation of abdominal muscles called diastasis recti doesn’t resolve through abdominal workouts. You can strengthen your midsection, but only a surgical tummy tuck will allow those two muscles to be pulled tightly together and return your flat, smooth belly to you.

Losing weight and building muscle does wonders for the body overall, but not much for the breasts in most cases. In fact, many women find that just as they lose a few stubborn pounds, their breasts dissapear right along with them. Mommy makeover procedures usually involve lifting and/or enlarging the breasts, along with reducing skin and bulges on the abdomen.

What Can A Miami Mommy Makeover Do For You?

This convenient combination of surgical procedures is popular with moms for restoring the pre-pregnancy body. Everyone’s specific procedure details can vary, and you may include implants, mastopexy, liposuction, a variety of tummy tucks, and muscle repair.

Plastic surgeons typically limit elective, cosmetic surgeries to between six and eight hours in total, for your safety. That means a mommy makeover can include a number of transformative changes, but not everything. We’ll help you narrow down your ideal plan.

A benefit for combo surgery is that you’ll save on costs of anesthetic, staffing and facility fees. You’ll also have only one recovery to contend with. That’s a major convenience for most busy moms who will need to call on a family member or friend for a little help while they heal.

Your consultation with Dr. Phillip Craft is the first step to narrowing down what concerns you and what you’d like to improve. He’ll help you create a customized approach that you’ll love.

Now Is The Perfect Time – You Deserve It!

After a busy holiday season of looking out for everyone else’s interests, now’s an ideal time to rest and reset. This investment can help you get your body and confidence back on track this year, and that kind of self-care not only pays off for years, but ultimately benefits those around you when you feel better about yourself.

If you’re ready to talk about a figure reshaping procedure, come meet the experts at Body by Craft. Dr. Phillip Craft is a well-respected plastic surgery expert, and he’ll work with you to create a makeover that reveals your best self.

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