How Soon Can I Swim After My Mommy Makeover in Miami?

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People from around the world choose sunny Florida as a world-class cosmetic surgery destination and a lively, exciting place to visit. We offer 5-star luxury, incredible cuisine and of course, miles of sandy beach and surf. A mommy makeover in Miami is perfect for the woman who needs a little help getting things smoothed and reshaped after childbirth.

Often, people work extremely diligently to shed extra pounds and regain their post-baby bodies, but the breasts inevitably change, and tummy skin doesn’t always bounce back. If you’re ready for the cosmetic surgery combo that can help you feel beach-ready again, you may be wondering, just how soon after surgery will you be able to swim?

You’re Going To Look Fabulous! But Be Patient.

We know you’re going to be excited to show off a new figure after your Miami mommy makeover. Some of our clients have avoided showing skin for years because they feel self-conscious and this restorative procedure gives them a whole new lease on life, sexiness and confidence.

You’ll be able to try out new clothes and perhaps show a little more skin than you used to but unfortunately, not immediately. Tummy tuck and breast augmentation or lift are surgical procedures that require careful post-op care and some activity restrictions to ensure optimal results. Your body also has its own, natural inflammatory process which just can’t be rushed.

Some activities like socializing, walking and desk work are permitted soon after surgery, but swimming has to wait a while.

Strenuous activities can affect your results. A tummy tuck often involves repair of abdominal muscles in addition to pulling the skin smooth and snug. You must avoid abdominal crunches, heavy lifting, stretching or working out for 3-6 weeks. Your surgeon will give you the all-clear for each of these. Raising the blood pressure in the first few weeks can increase swelling and pose a risk for bleeding, so jogging, swimming and even sex are off limits for this short time.

Many people share crowded beaches or pools with fellow vacationers, friends and kids when playing in the sun, so these environments pose a risk for unexpected lumps and bumps. After a breast augmentation or abdominal procedure, you must be careful to avoid aggressive contact or impact to these areas.

Until your incisions heal, they are at risk. The ocean is home for innumerable micro-organisms, and besides bleach, pools often contain all sorts of bacteria you don’t want to think about either. Hot tubs aren’t better. Even your own bathtub is less clean for healing incisions than a shower. Any break in the skin is prone to infection. While healing, soaking an incision can also macerate the edges making them slow to close. For these reasons, you’ll be advised to keep your incisions safe, covered and dry as much as possible until they are completely healed.

One more concern is scar visibility, though this has less to do with the act of swimming. If your incisions are exposed to the sun while healing or even throughout the first year while they mature, they can darken permanently. Keeping incisions carefully covered can be tricky in swimwear so try to keep that in mind when you’re choosing how to relax during your downtime.

If you have questions about recovery after mommy makeover, a Miami cosmetic surgery expert like Dr. Phillip Craft can help you to plan for your best experience, recovery and a new look you’ll love. We welcome you to call and schedule a consultation.

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