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Mommy Makeover

After going through the incredible journey of pregnancy and childbirth, many women notice physical changes in their body that can be deemed undesirable or unflattering. An instinctual solution to these concerns regarding the post-pregnancy body is diet and exercise. However, the excess weight and bulges from pregnancy can be stubborn, making the pre-pregnancy body shape very difficult to achieve. Luckily, at Body by Craft in Miami, mommy makeover procedures have been perfected by Dr. Phillip Craft to help women regain their confidence, self-esteem and positive body image.

If you feel that you’ve attempted everything to achieve your pre-pregnancy body, but have not seen success, it might be time for you to consider a mommy makeover at Body by Craft. A mommy makeover combines a few different plastic surgeries at the same time, to target each patient’s individual needs. This procedure is completely customizable for achieving your goals. For example, if diet and exercise has failed to help tone and tighten your abdomen, our mommy makeover strategy can include an abdominoplasty along with a breast augmentation to correct the loss of volume or sagging of breasts.

Body Transformative Procedure

If you are interested in receiving this transformative procedure, you may be wondering if you are ready for it. It is important to understand that although the mommy makeover is an ideal way for restoring your body after childbirth, a large determinant of a woman’s candidacy for the procedure is timing.

Plan Your Procedure

Timing can include several factors. The first is to consider that can greatly influence your decision for a mommy makeover is family planning. You should discuss with your partner if you wish to have any more children in the future as a pregnancy after a mommy makeover procedure will compromise the results and additional surgeries will be required to fix such changes. Therefore, family planning must be considered with care when planning your mommy makeover.

Another factor that affects the timing of a mommy makeover is the stage a woman is at, post-pregnancy. We recommend that our patients wait a minimum of six months to a year after giving birth before undergoing a mommy makeover for the best outcome. This is because a body needs adequate time to stabilize from childbirth and stretched tissues will rebound somewhat on their own. Once your body sheds excess fat and hormones settle, we can better plan your Miami mommy makeover to ensure that you achieve the results you desire.

If you’re planning on receiving a breast augmentation or a breast lift during your makeover, it’s also suggested that you wait at least three months after breastfeeding. This will allow your breasts to stop production of breast milk, which affects their size and risk factors during surgery.

Recovery Period

Lastly, when planning a mommy makeover, you should consider the necessary recovery period. After surgery, most women take three to six weeks to feel like themselves again. Although only a few days are needed before resuming daily activities, a longer recovery period is required before regular workouts; weight bearing and strenuous physical activity can be resumed. After all, a good recovery leads to excellent outcomes from the Miami mommy makeover. Therefore, be sure to plan the procedure during a time when you can receive help from family and friends in order to recover well.

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