Planning a Mommy Makeover in Miami- What Should You Ask Your Surgeon?

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1. Is Your Surgeon Board Certified?

Many people spend considerable time researching their options online before contacting a surgeon. If you’re ready to take the next steps toward your mommy makeover in Miami, then you’ll need to contact plastic surgeons and schedule in-person consultations. It helps to meet with more than one for a balanced experience and comparison, but it’s also a good idea to be well prepared with your questions and expectations. The following are important, ‘need-to-know’ points that you’ll want to review during your surgical consultation.

To determine whether your practitioner is merely a general surgeon practicing plastic surgery, or highly qualified and certified in this field, you must ask to see board certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery. These surgeons have years of years of additional, specialized education in your chosen procedures.

2. Ask Whether You Are A Good Candidate for A Mommy Makeover in Miami

When you meet for consultation, your surgeon will examine your areas of concern and will ask questions about health and medical history. Some issues with healing, medications or health concerns like obesity could preclude you from this treatment. Your plastic surgeon will let you know what changes you can make, if any, and may consult with your primary care physician.

3. Ask To See Before And After Photos

It’s expected that surgeons will show their best work, but if you see sufficient examples you can get a feel for their personal style and consistency of results. There should be adequate lighting and no obvious manipulation such as airbrushing. Try to consider the patients who look most like you in their before shots. It’s not helpful to compare results for people who have a different body type or starting point than you do.

4. Ask About Safety Standards of The Surgical Facility

Accredited facilities and staff are held to the highest standards, ensuring that sterility, protocols, anesthetic and all operative procedure are as safe as possible. You should be able to view the facility where your procedure will be carried out and feel comfortable with theplan to care for you during and after the procedure.

5. Ask About Your Recovery

Each Miami mommy makeover is as unique as patients are. Some women will opt for a full abdominoplasty, breast lift, and implants. Others may choose a breast reduction. Typically, some combination of breast and abdominal procedure will be involved and additional items like liposuction and Labiaplastymay complete the transformation. Your recovery is highly dependant on you and your surgeon so it’s important to talk about managing discomfort, the time required off work and other activity restrictions. Many people find it helpful to hire help or ask a friend to care for children, pets and household chores. Staying an extra day or two to be pampered and cared for is a great idea too. Your plastic surgeon will help you to plan a realistic, safe and comfortable recovery to ensure optimal results.

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