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Mommy Makeover

One of the hottest trends in plastic surgery offered here at Body by Craft is the Miami mommy makeover; a completely personalized combination of treatments designed to transform a woman’s post-pregnancy body into its pre-pregnancy shape. A top surgery choice for many women whether they are mothers or not, mommy makeovers are ideal for those who have been struggling to restore their bodies due to stubborn fat around the abdomen and sagging breasts after weight loss or breastfeeding.

During pregnancy, the growing fetus causes the abdomen to expand and the abdominal muscles to be stretched apart. Our amazing bodies bounce back pretty well, but often it becomes impossible for women to tighten and tone their abs afterward without additional support from plastic surgery. Furthermore, pregnancy and breastfeeding can create undesirable changes for the breasts, leading to lowered self-esteem and ill-fitting clothes.

Mommy Makeovers In Miami

Fortunately, at Body by Craft in Miami, mommy makeovers can be customized for each individual patient to target their specific concerns. We can restore volume and shape to the breasts while eliminating excess, stubborn fat from the abdominal region to create an overall, more flattering silhouette. This physical transformation can achieve a positive and drastic improvement in a woman’s confidence, self-image and quality of life. Therefore, it’s no surprise that there’s an increasing number of women in Miami interested in mommy makeovers as a way to transform from head to toe.

Procedures In Mommy Makeover

The combination of plastic surgery procedures that are frequently requested by women are those that restore their body contours and balance proportions. The most common procedures in a mommy makeover include but are not limited to abdominoplasty, liposuction and a breast augmentation/lift. In general, this cosmetic makeover targets the abdomen and breasts, as these are areas affected the most by pregnancy and childbirth.

This desire for women to return to a pre-baby body is not a new trend. It actually dates as far back to the 1970s and 1980s when many women began to improve their post-pregnancy bodies with breast augmentation surgeries. However, with the advancement of surgical techniques, the strategic combination of procedures can be carried out in a single mommy makeover surgery. This new trend allows women to correct all their concerns at once with reduced cost and recovery time – it is no wonder that it’s become a top surgery choice for women around the world.

Mommy Makeover Popularity

The surge in popularity of mommy makeovers is also partly owed to the greater social acceptance of plastic surgery and society’s increasing desire to defy age. Following pregnancy, only one-third of mothers are able to return to their pre-pregnancy size. The remaining two-thirds must cope with stretched skin, sagging breasts and lost of youthful silhouette that no amount of diet or exercise is able to treat. As a result, the best and most preferred solution for women of all ages is a Miami mommy makeover.

If you’re interested in learning more about the procedure and how it can help you achieve your aesthetic goals after pregnancy and childbirth, please contact Body by Craft for a personal consultation with Dr. Craft.

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