How A Mommy Makeover In Miami Can Benefit Your Mind

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You Might Be A Mom If

  • You’re extremely busy and have little time for yourself
  • Your body changed after childbirth, and you can’t seem to get it back
  • You feel guilty about caring for your own needs instead of others

In Miami, a mommy makeover procedure can be a much-deserved improvement for body and mind that hard-working mothers deserve. Plenty of people put off making physical improvements because they think of cosmetic surgery as a vain choice that only improves appearance, but the truth is, especially for this popular post-pregnancy reshaper, the benefits go far beyond the physical. Let’s take a closer look at the psychological value of this procedure.

How Can A Miami Mommy Makeover Improve Body & Mind?

Plastic surgery outcomes can be psycho-social, affecting patients mentally and emotionally. Whether a facial feature causes self-consciousness, or a body characteristic makes you want to cover up and hide, it’s hard to measure the intangible benefits that come with correcting these perceived flaws. In some cases, how a person feels about their appearance will affect careers and intimate lives as well.

For a mother whose body changed rapidly and dramatically, within a few months she may not feel like herself anymore. Excellent skin elasticity and unique hormonal circumstances could make the difference between resuming smooth belly and breasts after childbirth, or sagging, deflation, stretch marks and muscle separation. It’s difficult to predict how one’s body will adapt, but for some women, pregnancy causes traumatic changes. Only cosmetic surgery can remove hanging skin or restore the breasts once they’ve been physically altered.

What Do Most Women Want To Get Out Of Their Procedure?

At Body by Craft, we cater to patients from all walks of life who have a variety of esthetic goals. What we consistently see is that our mommy makeover patients in Miami choose natural-looking improvements.

The aim of tummy tuck and breast procedures together is often to restore, rather than create attention-grabbing body modification. We have working professionals, and even shy, conservative women who choose to restore breasts and belly without a big cup size increase- they just want to feel like themselves again. Their outlook and confidence improve, and that’s what everyone around them sees.

What Could Your Makeover Include?

This is an entirely customizable procedure. It’s designed to improve critical areas that pregnancy alters, but you can include just about anything you want to feel whole and healthy again. Options typically cover the breasts and tummy, so surgeries such as tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) breast augmentation (implants) breast lift (mastopexy) and even breast reduction could be included.

Some people choose to add targeted fat reduction with liposuction or a labiaplasty procedure to round out the list. Whatever you decide makes for an ideal body transformation, we believe you deserve it, and your whole life could improve for the better with self-care and beautiful steps to improve how you look.

When you’re ready to discuss your own makeover, we welcome you to contact our enhancement team at Body by Craft. We look forward to meeting you.

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