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Mommy Makeover

A mommy makeover is the common name used to describe cosmetic surgery that strategically combines an array of procedures. These are focused on contouring specific regions of the body to remedy the negative effects of aging, weight gain/loss and pregnancy. Contrary to its name, at Body by Craft in Miami, mommy makeover procedures are not only reserved for women who have children.

Although the nickname came about because this combination of procedures improve physical changes from pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding, many women can experience similar body changes from natural processes that are not related to motherhood. With Dr. Craft’s expertise in mommy makeovers, this type of makeover is an excellent option for women seeking a whole body rejuvenation and comes with many benefits.

Choosing Mommy Makeover

A great advantage to choosing a Miami mommy makeover is that each surgical plan is customized for the individual, in order to provide the most optimal results. This assures a proportionate body that matches the individual’s natural frame and shape, without excess fat or skin.

The two most frequently treated areas are the stomach and the breasts during this procedure. Even without experiencing pregnancy, excess fat and skin can naturally deposit in the abdominal region and create an unflattering appearance. With a mommy makeover, the mid-section can be re-sculpted and a contoured waistline can be revealed again.

Extreme and rapid fluctuations in weight can also impact the breasts in ways that mimic breastfeeding – the tissue sags and appears less perky after fat is shed from the breast area. A mommy makeover can successfully address concerns regarding the breasts with either a breast augmentation, breast lift or breast reduction procedure. The final results will be breasts that appear youthful and are naturally proportionate.

Benefit Of Mommy Makeover

Finally, a mommy makeover offers the benefit of minimizing key surgical concerns such as, anaesthetic, recovery time and money. Women who are seeking a solution to get their body back on track will be happy to know that one, comprehensive procedure can combine to reduce time and money compared with multiple, separate surgeries. Additionally, a single surgery will reduce the overall amount of time required for recovery and busy women don’t often want to take additional time off work or being active with their kids.

Since a mommy makeover in Miami is available for women who have not undergone pregnancy, the main determinants of suitability fare ideal timing and realistic goals. Therefore, here are some things to consider before planning a mommy makeover.

  • Regardless of age and other factors, the results of the mommy makeover procedure can be long-term if there is an appropriate level of life-long commitment to physical exercise and healthy eating habits.
  • Future pregnancies can negatively affect the results of the mommy makeover procedure. Thus, it is best to consider this procedure when individuals are happy with the size of their families.
  • Choosing a mommy makeover marks the beginning of a new era for each patient because of the physical transformation it can achieve. Get the facts about what to expect and start planning your new wardrobe!

If you’re considering a mommy makeover, or simply have questions and want to learn more, we invite you to Body by Craft for a more personal and private consultation with Dr. Phillip Craft.

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