What Is The Right Time To Consider A Mommy Makeover?

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Mommy Makeover

If you have recently given birth and are not anticipating a future pregnancy, you may be looking for ways to restore your body to its pre-pregnancy weight and shape. The Mommy Makeover is an ideal way of achieving that goal but it is important that the timing is right.

Mommy Makeover Candidates

The first factor to consider when determining whether you are ready for a Mommy Makeover is if you plan to have more children. A pregnancy after the surgery will compromise the results and additional cosmetic work may therefore be required in order to fix the changes. Hence, family planning should be considered when planning the ideal time for your Mommy Makeover.

Next, it is recommended that patients wait a minimum of six months to a year after childbirth before undergoing surgery. This is largely due to the fact that your body must return to its healthy, normal state after the pregnancy. You need to give your body time for the stretched skin and tissue to return to its original state and to shed the majority of the pregnancy weight. Heading into a Mommy Makeover with a healthy body will ensure the safety and effectiveness of the procedure.

Mommy Makeover – Breast Augmentation

If you would like a breast augmentation or a breast lift to be included in your Mommy Makeover, you will also need to wait three months after you have stopped breastfeeding. This additional time gives your baby a chance to wean off breastmilk and for the breastmilk to stop its production.

If you feel like you have tried everything to make changes or improvements to your body to no avail, it may be time for a Mommy Makeover. For example, if through diet and exercise, you do not see changes and are troubled by the loss of breast volume or firmness, excess fat and skin in the arms, abdomen, hips, thighs and buttocks, it may be time for surgery. A Mommy Makeover consists of a variety of cosmetic surgeries that are customized to your needs, so you can work with your plastic surgeon to plan the procedures that will help you achieve your goals.

Recovery Period

Finally, an important factor to take into account when determining the right time for a Mommy Makeover is the necessary recovery period, which typically lasts three to six weeks. After surgery, patients are required to wait a few days before resuming their daily activities. Thus, keeping this in mind, be sure to choose a time where you can get the support you need to recover well from the surgery. This is a crucial consideration because proper healing of the body is key to attaining optimal results.

After the procedure, the natural-looking results can be sustained long-term through weight management family planning. If you have any other concerns regarding a potential Mommy Makeover, our team at Body by Craft and Dr Phillip Craft are more than happy to provide further advice on how to determine the ideal time for this life-changing procedure.

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