Why A Mommy Makeover In Miami Makes A Great Gift For The Holidays

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Mommy Makeover

What better place to relax and recuperate from a body enhancing procedure than a luxurious, cosmopolitan vacation destination where the sun is warm, the food is fabulous, and the attractions are world-class? This holiday season, the gift of a mommy makeover in Miami could make somebody’s dreams come true.

That someone could be you! Every year when the holidays roll around, moms get busy thinking of what to give all the people they love, but what about self-care? Plenty of moms work hard to get back in shape, look good and feel better after childbirth but it’s tough, and sometimes things don’t bounce back.

If you find yourself struggling with lax, separated abdominal muscles or stretched skin which makes you feel self-conscious, you’re not alone. There’s an all-inclusive combination surgery called the mommy makeover specially designed to help women get their pre-baby figure back after pregnancy. Sometimes the gifts we give ourselves are the most valuable, and this could be one of them.

What Can A Miami Mommy Makeover Do For You?

Typically the combination of abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and one or more breast procedure combine for a “makeover,” but there are no set guidelines. You can really add whatever you want and need. Dr. Phillip Craft is a renowned cosmetic surgeon, focused on naturally beautiful body sculpting procedures that help people feel attractive, healthy and empowered each day.

He has an artistic and holistic approach that means revealing the confident, sexy you whose been hiding under stretched skin or deflated breasts.

A trim and smoothing of midsection skin require a horizontal incision placed low on the belly, just under the underwear line. Your surgeon can pull together abdominal muscles, trim sagginess and remove stubborn pockets of fat for a sleek, slim waistline.

Breast implants are available in an extensive array of sizes and projections so that anything from a subtle cleavage enhancement to multiple cup sizes can be achieved. Dr. Craft will be happy to discuss your goals with you, assess your needs and help you choose the implants that are just right for your frame. If you need a breast lift, you can do it with or without implants for a little extra perkiness.

It can be challenging to find the time to take care of your own health and well-being while you care for others. Because it requires a little downtime for recovery, many mothers put off the plan to have cosmetic, restorative procedures done. We think the holidays are a great time to book a little vacation, ask for help from family and friends, and do something for yourself. Plus, when you feel great, everybody you care for benefits too.

You can get your youthful shape back for the New Year and be back in swimsuits- even bikinis- in time for sunny weather again. Many people schedule cosmetic surgery like mommy makeover in Miami on Winter holidays because they find it easier to arrange help with children and to take a little time away for themselves. You deserve to feel great about your body again. We can help. Call Body by Craft today.

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