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It’s a common question: Can I get pregnant after a mommy makeover in Miami? The answer is yes, yet there are a few factors to consider.

One thing you can be sure of is that you don’t need to panic if you’ve had a tummy tuck in the past, then become pregnant. Most plastic surgeons will advise you to finish having children before planning the procedure. That’s because they know you could reverse some of your beautiful results if you expand your belly with child again. Here’s what you need to know about abdominoplasty, breast surgery and pregnancy.

Pregnancy affects your abdomen and breasts

Since these are the primary areas a Miami mommy makeover will address, it makes sense to be cautious about additional pregnancy.

Your abdominal muscles which run vertically down your middle will tend to separate while pregnant, then come together again. For many women, they stay somewhat separated which allows the belly to protrude and the waist to widen. The fascia layer covering these muscles is pulled tightly together and secured during a standard tummy tuck. The excess fat can be removed, and loose skin trimmed away. A tighter, thinner abdomen results.

Breast lift surgery is also a common mommy makeover procedure. It allows the surgeon to remove lax skin, reposition the areolas higher and tighten the breast envelop. During pregnancy, hormonal changes and preparation for milk supply will usually expand breast size considerably. Each woman experienced this differently. Though the skin is impressively elastic, it’s often left somewhat stretched later when the volume shrinks.

Natural skin elasticity

Though expanding these areas again after your mommy makeover in Miami might leave some additional sagging, the remaining skin is still stretchy and will grow again to accommodate your baby. Some patients do find they need additional procedures later; others retain their original makeover results.

Each woman and each pregnancy are unique. You may carry the volume in your belly differently the next time. You may gain more weight, or less. The breasts could remain more or less the same size, or expand many cup sizes. For this reason, it’s difficult to predict how well you’ll bounce back, but you can rest assured that your tissues will grow to accommodate again.

What can you do?

We recommend that you plan your mommy makeover procedure after you’ve finished with pregnancies. That way you can be confident you’ll have lasting results from your investment. If you’re planning for more pregnancies, be sure you’re entirely healed first, waiting from six months to one-year post-op.

You can also ensure that you eat well, exercise as your doctor advises, and stay fit throughout the pregnancy. Try not to gain weight excessively and take good care of your skin before and after you give birth. Be patient with your body after childbirth. You may take a little longer to slim down and feel like yourself again, but most tissue retracts over 3-8 months. You can decide later down the road if you’d like to have another makeover.

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