The Ultimate Miami Mommy Makeover Checklist

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1. Tell Your Mommy Makeover Surgeon Exactly What You Want

Scheduling a mommy makeover in Miami is often the beginning of a total life transformation. Many women wait until their children are grown or they’ve done the hard work of losing excess weight before planning cosmetic surgery. Once you’re ready to tighten, tuck and smooth your figure, you’ll likely be excited, but planning everything you need for a great experience and recovery can be a little stressful. We’ve gathered a handful of reminders and tips to guide you, ensuring you’re ready for a new shape and lease on life.

Hopefully, you recognize that perfection is not a realistic goal and each person is unique, so you may have some limitations. However, you should always communicate clearly about what you want when planning an important procedure. This serves two goals: a. Ensure you know about all your options and add the right procedures to achieve your desired result. B. Find out what is not realistic for you due to safety or other limitations, so you fully understand what to expect and don’t feel you’ve missed out. For instance, some women add a labiaplasty, liposuction, or small facial procedure to their mommy makeover. You’ll only know what’s possible if you ask.

2. Find A Plastic Surgeon You’re Comfortable With

Your care and safety before, during and after the procedure are equally important. The plastic surgeon’s background, experience and skill in a particular area can be determined through credentials and observing their work. You can ask to speak with existing patients, and review certification from the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery or American Board of Plastic Surgery. Ideally, your mommy makeover planning shouldn’t be rushed. Take your time to select the best plastic surgeon for you.

3. Get In Shape

If you aren’t within an ideal body weight range or healthy overall, you should be prior to planning this combination of procedures. The reason is twofold. Your safety and rate of recovery will be improved if you have a strongimmune system anda healthy fitness level. For those who are obese, certain surgical risks are increased and healing can be impaired. While tummy tucks and breast lifts can help tighten and smooth skin, they are not tools for weight loss and cannot address intra-abdominal fat or generalized body fat. The other key reason to shed extra pounds before surgery is that the results achieved will be visibly more pronounced. Excess abdominal fat and even fat in the breast area, if reduced after surgery, can leave sagging skin. When you reach a healthy, stable weight before your procedures, the surgeon is able to create long-lasting results.

4. Plan To Take It Easy After Your Mommy Makeover in Miami

Trust that your beach body is on the way, but you can’t go in the water for some time yet. Planning a safe recovery means certain activities like swimming, baths or aerobic workouts need to be temporarily paused. Your surgeon will advise you to walk immediately,so you can certainly get outside and enjoy the Florida weather, but you’ll want comfy, baggy clothes instead of a bikini for the first few weeks. This is a great time to hire some help or ask a friend to take care of kids, pets and household chores. Support you can put in place before your procedure will help ensure that you have everything at hand in the weeks to follow.

5.Plan To Care for Scars And Maintain Results

Undergoing combined procedures is a big step on the journey, but it will take further effort to maintain your new figure after you heal. Your scars will be maturing throughout the first year and this means they can go from red and raised to flat and faint with good care. Keep scars out of the sun and wear sunblock over them if exposed. Tanning a scar can lead to permanent darkening. Products such as silicone gel have been shown to improve the look of scars. Ask your surgeon if they have recommendations for you. Miami is a beauty and body-conscious destination where wellness and physical fitness are popular lifestyle choices, but it may take some work for you to get in the habit of caring for your body. Perhaps in years past, you put your children and others first. Now it’s your turn to look and feel great so the sooner you plan a healthy routine including a nutritious diet and daily exercise, the easier it will be to ease into it once your doctor gives you the all clear.

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