Mommy Makeover In Miami: Am I A Good Candidate?

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Mommy Makeover

When women give birth to children, they gain a lot, but they give up a few things too. For many, the unwanted changes to their body are an ongoing frustration for years after their pregnancy. Some people notice that their breasts appear somewhat deflated after breastfeeding, others see significant sagging or size changes. In Miami, a mommy makeover can be a dramatically restorative procedure for post-baby bodies. How can you tell if this might be the right approach for you?

You Have A Pot Belly

The tummy will stretch remarkably large and contract impressively well afterward, but separated abdominal muscles and stretch marks on the skin can persist. Those changes are impossible to correct with diet and exercise alone.

The abdominal muscles can be strengthened through a focused fitness regimen, but when space between has spread apart, it leaves a protruding belly regardless of whether there’s excess fat on the midsection. This separation is referred to as a diastasis recti. If you have a protruding belly, but you’re otherwise in great shape, you might benefit from a tummy tuck surgery. This procedure allows a plastic surgeon to pull muscles tightly back together creating a slimmer waistline and flatter belly.

You Are Close To Your Goal Weight

A mommy makeover in Miami is suitable for people who are healthy and within an ideal weight range. Though some fat can be removed through abdominoplasty and liposuction, these are not designed to be weight loss procedures, and outcomes will be far more optimal when the patient is not overweight.

You Do Not Plan To Have More Pregnancies

While it is certainly possible to become pregnant and have a healthy birth experience after cosmetic surgery, it’s not recommended. The chances of retaining the benefits gained through the procedure after stretching the tissues drastically again are slim. To enjoy your new figure for a long time, we recommend that you maintain a stable weight.

You Have A C-Section Scar

Plenty of Miami mommy makeover candidates have an existing cesarean scar they’d like to get rid of. While some ladies got lucky with their incision, others may have healed poorly, or the placement wasn’t ideal. Through a mini or full tummy tuck procedure, C-section scars can be removed and replaced with a lower, discrete and expertly formed one that hides neatly under swimsuits and underwear.

You’ve Finished Breastfeeding For At Least Six Months

Pregnancy and breastfeeding can change the shape and position of breasts. Whether you want to add a little volume and firmness, or remove extra skin and lift up the nipples, a breast surgery will need to wait until the breasts have stopped producing milk and stabilized. This will allow your plastic surgeon to plan an effective and long-lasting result for you and decreases the risk of infection.

If you think you may be a great candidate for a mommy makeover, contact Body by Craft. Dr. Phillip Craft will be happy to meet with you, discuss your goals and help you take the next steps toward bringing your old body back.

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