Mommy Makeover In Miami: The Modern Plastic Surgery Trend

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Mommy Makeover

There’s an exciting cosmetic trend on the rise for mother’s in North America and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon. One of the most requested body sculpting treatments in Miami, a mommy makeover is the new “it” procedure with more women who are childbearing age opting for a post-baby body rejuvenation.

Why Do Moms Seek A Mommy Makeover In Miami?

There’s a common misconception that if a woman works out and eats right after pregnancy, she can shed the pounds, tighten up and get back in great shape. While this is a sure-fire way to get healthy, unfortunately, it cannot undo stretch marks, damaged skin and separated muscles. When the breasts have increased in size, then diminished again after breastfeeding, the nipples may no longer be in a perky position, and breast tissue may change or decrease.

Plenty of women see the telltale red or purple lines known as stretch marks on their breasts and midsection. The abdominal muscles can remain spread apart, which is referred to as diastasis recti. No matter how many crunches a woman does, if those muscles are far apart, the abdominal contents protrude, and the belly does too. This can be extremely embarrassing for slim, fit people whose tummies are round or sagging. There are excellent cosmetic solutions for these issues and today, the most convenient way to correct breasts and belly together is with a mommy makeover surgery.

What Exactly Does The Miami Mommy Makeover Involve?

This question is a tough one to answer because many different combinations of surgery can work together to rejuvenate a woman’s figure. The typical problem spots are breasts and abdomen. Other areas she may choose to have treated are fat pockets on the thighs or buttocks, labia or excessive breast tissue. The mommy makeover usually combines a version of a tummy tuck with breast surgery and perhaps liposuction as well. The recovery for multiple procedures at once can be a little tougher, requiring two or more weeks off work and a more extended period of restricted activity, however.

Why Is This Treatment So Popular Today?

In the past, each, individual cosmetic surgery required lengthy downtime, but due to advanced techniques, the time to perform and to heal from popular body reshaping surgery is faster than ever. As well, the convenience of one, combined recovery and a single, lower surgical cost is tempting for many busy moms. Younger women are choosing to make adjustments to their figure after they finish having kids, while they are still active in raising those children and working. Because taking time away from her job can be costly and having extra help at home and with childcare may be difficult to arrange, the average woman would rather only do it once if possible.

If you’ve worked hard to get in shape but you’re still bothered by unflattering changes to your breasts and belly after pregnancy, there’s a fantastic solution for you. Dr. Phillip Craft helps women from around the wold and in sunny Miami to look better and feel great about their body after pregnancy. Contact Body by Craft today and learn more.

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