The 3 Main Buttock Augmentation Options And Their Pros And Cons

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Brazilian Butt Lift

If you are looking for ways to enhance the shape of your derriere, you will find that there are three main buttocks augmentation options available: a Brazilian butt lift (BBL), buttock implants, and butt injections. In order to decide which option is best for you, it is important to know that there are pros and cons for each procedure.

BBL Results

BBL is popular term used to describe fat grafting or fat transfer to add volume and a more desirable shape to the buttocks. It consists of a two-step process using liposuction to gently remove excess fat from areas such as the abdomen or thighs and injecting the purified fat, through a series of microinjections, into the buttocks and hips.

BBL Pros

  • Natural results: Since this procedure utilizes the patient’s own fat, the results are very natural looking and feeling- nothing feels better than your own body tissue.
  • Little risk of infection: Unlike butt injections or implants, there is very little risk of infection through fat grafting because autologous, (patient’s own) fat is used and tiny incisions created close and heal very fast.
  • No risk of toxicity or complications from allergic reactions: Again, due to the autologous nature of this procedure, there is no risk of toxicity or allergic reactions since a foreign substance is not being introduced to the body.
  • Minimal discomfort and fast recovery: Although it may take up to two weeks before patients can resume work, the recovery time is much faster with a butt lift surgery than the alternative procedures. In addition, while the liposuction may cause temporary discomfort, the fat injections are typically very well tolerated and local anesthesia placed deep in tissues helps to ensure the patient’s comfort.

BBL Cons

  • Not everyone is a candidate: Since the BBL involves transferring fat from the patient’s own body, individuals who are very thin and do not have sufficient body fat, are unfortunately not eligible for this procedure.
  • Not all transferred fat survives: In most instances, four times the amount of fat injected must be taken from other parts of your body due to the estimation that only 25% of the fat extracted remains viable after the purification process. In addition, when transferred, some of this processed fat may be reabsorbed by the body, which means the results may not be as dramatic or predictable as those achieved with butt implants.

Butt Implants

Another popular buttock augmentation procedure is butt implants, which involves making small incisions hidden in a crease near the buttocks. Through these insertion points, implants are positioned on top of the gluteus muscles where they volumize and improve body curves.


  • Long-lasting results: Unlike fat injections which can be partially reabsorbed, butt implants are not reabsorbed by the body, so the results are predictable and long lasting.
  • Very minimal chance of rupturing: While implants from decades past were not as well constructed, the industry’s contemporary butt implants are created from very durable, semi-solid silicone gel.
  • Any healthy patient can be a candidate: Unlike buttocks fat transfer surgery, individuals of all shapes and sizes are eligible for butt implants, as excess fat is not required for this procedure.


  • Pain and risks involved: Due to the insertion of large objects in a sensitive area with high movement, patients should expect significant downtime after the surgery.
  • Longer recovery time: Following the procedure, patients will experience temporary swelling and it may take as long as 4-6 weeks before they can resume normal day-to-day activities, including sitting and certain exercise.

Butt Injections

Butt injections, when non-surgical usually refer to substances such as silicone, PMMA, or hydrogel. These substances are seen as a quick fix by unscrupulous injectors but are an illegal option, which pose a number of serious health threats.


  • Cost: These unsafe and unreliable butt injection methods are attractive to some because of their cheap price point, but there are unfortunate reasons for the lower costs including injection by unlicensed practitioners in unsterile settings. People who suffer unfortunate health consequences of unregulated butt injections will often end up paying expensive medical bills. Thus, the serious risks involved mean that low prices are not a real advantage.


  • Unregulated: Butt injections other than fat transfer are not legal, which means that the substances used are not regulated and a person cannot really be confident that what they are receiving is what they think.
  • Dangerous: From infections to tissue death, hardening to life-threatening migration of materials, the health risks associated with unregulated butt injections are very serious.

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