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If you’re seeking a soft, natural-looking buttocks enhancement, the Brazilian Butt Lift in Miami could be what you’re dreaming of. This in-demand cosmetic procedure uses your own, unwanted body fat to sculpt a fuller, rounder bottom while slimming other areas. People go from flat, to hourglass with this autologous procedure. No synthetic implants are required.

It’s easy to see why this type of fat transfer is so popular, but recovery is not without its temporary drawbacks. You’ll need to forgo your usual exercise routine and avoid a few common body positions while healing. As well, since fat cells are living, react to calorie consumption and serve as fuel, it’s crucial to think about what exercise may do to your results in the long run.

Exercise after Miami Brazilian Butt Lift- Timing is essential

In the first few weeks after your procedure, no exercise at all is permitted. That’s tough to deal with for some of our super fit clients, but an essential precaution to take. When you increase your blood pressure during aerobic activity, that pumps more fluid into your swollen tissues. As well, the potential for bleeding in the areas that are still healing, is increased. While you remain at risk to bleed or swell, you’ll need to limit activity to light walking.

Consider which activities burn fat

While your delicate transferred fat cells are establishing their blood supply and settling in, fat-burning exercise is to be avoided. Until you’re cleared at roughly two months post op- don’t do activities that require you to sit and increase pressure on your bottom. As well, avoid anything more than light workouts like elliptical or weights, for the first month once you resume.

Stay toned and trim

In the long run, you’ll want to stay toned and trim, but avoid high-intensity fat burning workouts which could shrink your buttocks.

Examples of routines that could shrink your butt include interval training, and circuit-style routines that have you move through various activities quickly, focusing on different muscle groups. Cross fit workouts are great for creating residual calorie burn, but when you’re trying to keep the fat on your bottom, this can be counterproductive. You’re not guaranteed to lose your BBL fat if you do the activities above, but we’d caution you to consider benefits versus drawbacks for you.

The key with any exercise routine after Brazilian Butt Lift in Miami is a balance between calories consumed and activity. If you love your high-intensity fat burning exercise, then you’ll want to consult with a trainer to plan a balanced intake of calories that offset effects for your butt. Having said that, for most patients, yoga, Pilates, running and long-distance walking or hiking are usually worry-free for the post BBL patient.

In the end, if you do shrink in areas you don’t want, keep in mind that those fat cells will grow again when you gain weight. If you have questions about buttocks augmentation, we’d love to meet you. Contact Body by Craft today.

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