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If you have found that no amount of exercise or change in diet are able to help you achieve the shape and size of buttocks that you want, you are not alone. Many women have discovered that the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is the effective way to augment their buttocks and to reshape their figure in a way that is transformational, natural and permanent. Brazilian Butt Lift surgery in Miami is the most popular way to help sculpt the bottom into a sexy and curvy shape.

For people who feel that their bottom is too flat, Brazilian Butt Lift or, BBL, does what exercise cannot do and rearranges the natural fat that they already have on their bodies, into the exact places that they want it.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Typically, you can see instant results however the final results from your BBL procedure will take many months to appreciate. Two reasons for that are that initial swelling affects your appearance and the nature of fat transfer means some grafted fat, will not stay. In most cases, the size and shape of your buttocks at the 4 to 6-month mark will be permanent.

The procedure is typically done while the patient is comfortably asleep under general anesthetic and will take 2-3 hours. The recovery time requires some activity restrictions such as avoiding direct pressure/sitting on the area for 3 weeks. The majority of bruising and swelling will be resolved by 2 weeks post procedure and most people are up and walking around right away.

BBL Procedure

The BBL is not considered to be a painful procedure, and pain medication along with helpful instructions will be provided. The best part about the BBL procedure is that you can see dramatic changes immediately. Your own natural tissue is used so the look is one of natural beauty. Fat which has been removed from areas like the flanks and waist is permanently gone and the new, narrower waistline amplifies curves.

Final results are somewhat dependent on the individual and there are some important things you need to know to ensure optimal results. If you are concerned about what your final result will be, one of the most important things that you can do after choosing a qualified, board certified Plastic Surgeon and BBL expert to perform your surgery, is to follow their instructions carefully.

Choosing An Experienced Surgeon

The permanency of fat grafting or fat transfer procedures can be somewhat variable, with people seeing up to half of the grafted fat disappear in the first 6 months. Some level of reabsorption or fat cell death is expected and unavoidable, however there are a number of things both you and your surgeon can do to ensure a high percentage of permanency. After the procedure, you should avoid placing any pressure on the areas where new fat grafts were placed.

Maintaining a healthy diet and avoiding weight fluctuations will also help ensure that you keep fat in the buttocks and not to gain any where your liposuction was done. When you choose an experienced BBL Plastic Surgeon, their in-depth knowledge about successful fat grafting ensures that viable, live fat cells are injected carefully and their technique ensures maximum, “take” in the transfer areas. Patients who desire drastic volume added to the buttocks may choose to have additional grafting done 3-6 months apart and build their result.

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