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Brazilian Butt Lift

For many women, a curvy silhouette is the epitome of beauty. As a result of the influence of celebrities such as the Kardashians, a curvaceous figure and full derriere has come to be synonymous with femininity. Although some women are naturally blessed with an hourglass shape, others are dissatisfied with the size and projection of their buttocks and struggle to shed stubborn weight from the hips and lower back. While women have long dreamt of being able to use unwanted fat from one area of the body to plump their backside, it is now possible to do so with the innovative Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), a popular body contouring procedure in Miami.

What Is A BBL?

A Brazilian Butt Lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure which utilizes liposuction and fat grafting to enhance the size of the buttocks, improving its shape and projection. In addition to helping patients achieve a rounder bottom, a BBL helps to sculpt the patient’s abdomen, lower back or hips, as excess fat is removed from the selected donor site using liposuction.

Tiny incisions are made within the skin and small tubes called cannulas are used to remove the dislodged fat. Once the fat cells are removed, they are separated and purified in a handheld centrifuge and injected into the buttocks through small incisions and cannulas. The number of incisions required will vary depending on the amount of fat that is deposited and the patient’s desired results.

Suitable Candidates For A BBL

This procedure is best suited to women who are unhappy with the fullness, volume or projection of their buttocks as well as those who are troubled with asymmetry or a buttock that is disproportionate to their body frame. It is recommended for women who have had trouble toning and increasing the size of their buttock through diet and exercise alone. A BBL is not designed for patients who have excessive sagging or drooping skin as it works to add volume to the buttocks, not correct severe sagging.

In order to be eligible for this procedure, it is necessary to have sufficient excess fat available for harvesting. In most cases, even thin and fit patients have adequate excess fat in the flank and upper back, however very thin patients may not have enough fat for the transfer. The best way to determine your eligibility for this procedure is to discuss your concerns and goals for the procedure with your plastic surgeon.

Benefits Of A BBL

Unlike alternative butt augmentation procedures, a BBL is a minimally invasive and incredibly natural procedure as it utilizes the patient’s own fat for the enhancement. As a result, there is no risk of rejection or infection. In addition to helping patients achieve the sexy rounded butt of their dreams, this autologous procedure contours troublesome areas such as the “muffin top,” sculpting a slimmer waistline and dramatically improving their overall figure.

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