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The Miami Brazilian Butt Lift trend isn’t going away any time soon. More and more young people are opting to improve their body shape with this natural fat grafting surgery. If you’re planning your own buttocks augmentation, preparing for your recovery will be a top priority.

You may have already heard that there are a few critical restrictions to deal with while healing. The primary one is the avoidance of sitting. That’s because a Brazilian Butt Lift works by removing fat cells from one area of the body and injecting the purified fat stem cells into the buttocks. The plastic surgeon artfully sculpts you a new, curvy, round bottom, but it takes many weeks for those cells to take hold safely. Until established with their own blood supply and thriving in their position, you can’t risk compressing, damaging and destroying the fat.

When is the most convenient time to recover from Brazilian Butt Lift in Miami?

Though there’s no right answer when it comes to timing a cosmetic procedure, you’ll need to consider what’s convenient for your schedule. Some people find it challenging to heal comfortably and patiently during the hotter, summer months. On the other hand, many people schedule time off work for vacations during the summer, and when school is out, students book the treatments they’ve been thinking of all year.

After a Brazilian Butt Lift in Miami, you’ll have to wear a tight compression garment for 4 – 6 weeks. This helps to smooth contours and limit the amount of swelling you have. The coverage will be from your waist to the knees so it might be hard to hide under typical light summer clothing.

If you schedule a procedure in the spring or summer, keep in mind that you won’t be sitting on a patio, hiking, biking, running, swimming in the pool or at the beach…all for many weeks. If you like the idea of laying on a comfy lounger with a good book or watching TV, sipping smoothies in the summer breeze, you can enjoy your time off. However, if you plan to be quite active on your summer break, this won’t be the best time for a butt lift.


For the first two weeks, your plastic surgeon will tell you not to sit at all, except for briefly when using the toilet. This is a crucial stage for early graft success, and no compression of fat cells is allowed, or you will risk losing them.

Once you return to work at roughly three weeks, you’ll be permitted to sit on a donut pillow or other customized BBL pillow. These are designed to take the pressure off your buttocks while sitting. You’ll need to reposition regularly because consistent, direct pressure on your bottom could compromise your delicate new fat cells.

If your job requires long periods of sitting, ask if you can modify your work or telecommute for a while to make positioning easier.

By roughly two months after surgery, you’ll be considered all healed and fat settled in place. You can then sit normally and resume any usual activity.

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