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Butt enhancements are in demand around the world, and the trend is especially hot in Miami! A Brazilian butt lift can balance out your proportions and give you sexy curves that will boost your confidence at the beach and wherever you show off your shape. If you’ve wished for a fuller, more sensual bottom, this procedure may be perfect for you! Here’s what you need to know.

Initial Results Can Look Shocking

When you book a Brazilian Butt Lift in Miami, you’ll have a concept in mind of your post-surgery body, but the real thing may cause a bit of alarm. Don’t panic! It’s normal for the buttocks to appear quite a bit bigger than expected and even asymmetrical due to swelling. A significant portion of transplanted body fat will be reabsorbed, so you’ll need to wait 2-4 months for a close to complete picture of your final results.

Resting Requires Creative Positioning For The First Few Weeks

When you sit, squat, or lay back, the buttocks come under pressure. Usually, people have no idea just how often they sit or lean on their backside until they’re restricted. Following fat transfer to the buttocks, any degree of pressure can limit the growth of new blood vessels required for fat cells to survive in their new environment. You can sit to use the toilet, but otherwise, plan to be on your feet or laying on your side and front.

There Will Be Bruising

It’s completely normal to see bruising around the sites where donor fat was taken or re-injected. The severity of bruising varies from patient to patient, but typically fades within 1-2 weeks and can easily be hidden under clothing.

Pain Will Be Manageable

One of our best tips for staying comfortable after any cosmetic procedure is to manage pain proactively. If you start to feel sore, there’s no need to wait it out in discomfort. Dr. Craft will provide you with a prescription if needed, and he works closely with patients to ensure they’re comfortable and stress free while healing.

Use Your Compression Garment

You’ll receive a unique garment to wear under your clothes for the first 4-6 weeks. It reduces swelling to keep transferred fat perfectly positioned. Depending on the pace of your recovery, your surgeon will advise you when this clothing is no longer necessary.

Take A Break From Any Restrictive Diets

It’s common for women to try different meal plans to help control their body shape. As you recover from your Brazilian Butt Lift in Miami, focus on eating a balanced mix of healthy fats, brightly colored fruits and veggies, lean protein, and complex carbs. Your body needs the vitamins and minerals found in these nourishing foods to heal. You’ll also want to avoid significant weight gain or loss at this time while the fat cells establish themselves in their new curves.

You’ll Love Your Body Head To Toe

When you choose fat transfer augmentation for your buttocks, donor fat can be harvested from trouble spots like love handles, tummy, thighs and even upper back or arms. Body contouring is an art form, and Dr. Craft can sculpt the balanced, curvaceous figure you’ve always dreamed of.

A Brazilian Butt Lift Changes Your Shape Permanently

Transferring fat cells from one area to another re-shapes you to be more proportionate and curvy. Once transplanted fat cells are established, they continue to maintain an hourglass contour even if you gain or lose a little fat.

This can be inspiring if you’ve struggled to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the past. It’s more enjoyable to keep up an exercise routine when you already have the curves you want. Healthier food choices also come more easily when you’re not motivated by guilt to lose weight.

If you’ve been curious about the popularity of BBLs, it might be time to find out what the buzz is about for yourself! Book a consultation with Body by Craft and start dreaming of the new you.

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