Who Is A Good Brazilian Butt Lift Candidate?

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Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

Whether you worry that your buttocks is droopy, flat or simply not as round and full as you desire, if you are concerned or unhappy about the appearance of your backside, you may be a candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). BBL aims to enhance and enlarge the buttocks through the use of fat tissue from a donor site on the patient’s body. Although other methods such as butt implants are utilized by plastic surgeons to improve the size and contour of the behind, the BBL procedure is by far the most popular amongst those looking for a butt augmentation.

Candidates For BBL

  1. You feel that your buttocks lacks fullness, size, and shape due to genetics or age and are looking to improve its volume and contour.
  2. You are in good general health for a surgical procedure and can tolerate the anaesthesia.
  3. You have realistic goals in mind that can be reached with the BBL procedure and there are times that some patients do not have adequate good fat for transferral.
  4. You avoid smoking and consuming alcohol for the specified time period, 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after surgery.
  5. You do not have excessive, sagging skin around the region of your lower buttocks. If you do, you may still be a candidate if you undergo surgery to remove the skin prior to undergoing the BBL procedure.

Candidates For BBL

  1. You have a suitable body type for the BBL procedure, as discussed with your plastic surgeon during the consultation.
  2. You have excess fat tissue elsewhere on your body to use for the fat transfer. Common areas include the abdomen, upper back, and hips. The key to a successful BBL procedure is the availability of fat to transfer as the procedure involves the removal of fat tissue from the donor site with liposuction and then injections of the processed fat grafts into the buttocks area. Since the fat tissue to be injected requires processing and purification, your plastic surgeon will harvest between three to four times the amount of fat that is actually needed for the BBL. If you are a thin person and want a BBL procedure, you may need to gain excess weight or consider an alternative option for butt augmentation.

BBL Candidates

  1. You have tried other methods such as diet and exercise to achieve the desired results for your backside but have not experienced the success you were working towards.

The above criteria will be discussed during your initial consultation with Dr. Craft in order to ensure that you are a suitable candidate and that your goals can be met with the procedure. If you are interested in learning more about the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, we invite you to schedule a private consultation during which all of your questions and concerns will be addressed. Together, we will discuss your aesthetic goals and decide if BBL is a suitable method to help you achieve them.

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