What Is A BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift)?

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Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazillian Butt Lift has become an extremely popular cosmetic procedure and it seems that everyone is talking about it. Celebrities, Instagram beauties and real, regular women who want that perfect, curvy shape, look to this procedure which has been designed to improve the appearance of flat or sagging buttocks and small or disproportionate buttocks and hips. Typically, the goal of a Brazillian Butt Lift procedure is to sculpt a thinner waist and create a larger, rounded and perky bottom. Many people want to know, what exactly does this procedure involve?

Otherwise known as a BBL, this procedure involves gently removing fat from various areas of the body with liposuction, processing it to prepare it for injection, and then the reinjection of micro fat droplets into the buttocks tissue.

Fat Grafting

This method allows patients the double benefit of removing fat from areas where it is not wanted such as a thick waist, abdomen or back area, and building up areas where they do want volume. The thinning and contouring of places like the sides and back, further contribute to fuller-looking buttocks. Some of the benefits of butt lift plastic surgery include nearly invisible scars because there are no large incisions, and none of the concerns associated with implants such as malposition.

Fat grafting is also referred to as a fat transfer. The fat volume which is placed into the buttocks tissue can be anywhere between 500 to 1000 cc’s on average. Great care is taken, utilizing gentle liposuction techniques, to extract the fat, then centrifugation, ( spinning) or sedimentation, ( gravity assisted separation of elements) are the common ways that live donor cells will be separated from other debris and fluid.

BBL Candidates

These viable donor fat cells will be injected in as many as 100 places to sculpt and build the desired, smooth shape. An average of only 25%-30% of the fat cells removed will qualify for re-injection so if possible, multiple donor sites are usually selected. Women of all shapes and sizes may qualify as great BBL candidates. Very thin patients or those who are obese with a high BMI may be advised of certain limitations.

Autologous fat transfer has been used for reconstruction and augmentation purposes for many years. A patient’s own fat is wonderful building material for aesthetic procedures because it is biocompatible, abundantly available, and can be can be easily harvested from the patient themselves, without the use of synthetic material or implants.


However, even though this method of buttocks augmentation carries far fewer risks than a butt implant, challenges and considerations still exist. Results can be unpredictable and inconsistent due to the nature of fat reabsorption or viability of cells. It is not uncommon to lose up to half of the volume which is initially grafted.

More than one procedure may be required for those people who desire significantly larger buttocks, however the satisfaction rate for this natural-looking butt lift is quite high. After your procedure, it is important for patients to know that there are activity restrictions advised while healing, including avoiding sitting or laying directly on the buttocks for 3 weeks. Special, post-operative compression garments are usually worn to help reduce swelling and keep the new contours secure.

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