Is A Brazilian Butt Lift Safer Than Implants?

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Brazilian Butt Lift

Women hoping to boost their derriere can now achieve an improved contour and flattering curves through a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). There are a number of benefits to a BBL procedure and when compared to traditional butt implants, the BBL is considered a much safer option.

During a BBL, fat cells are transferred from a donor area of the body to the buttocks area by using a canula to precisely place fat where its needed for a round projected buttocks shape. Consequently, this procedure has the ability to transform your body in two ways: a leaner appearance is created by the removal of fat from unwanted areas of the body and a firmer, enlarged backside is established through fat transfer to improve buttocks shape.

Butt Implants

Prior to the establishment of BBL, traditional butt implants were used to help patients enhance the appearance of their buttocks. However, because of its dual benefits and safety record, the BBL has become the more popular of the two procedures.

Butt implants have a number of potential risks, such as infections and delayed healing. However, the most concerning risk associated with butt implants is infection because the surgical incision is usually near the anus, in the gluteal cleft, and therefore, bacterial infections are of higher incidence. Aside from infection, there is a risk that butt implants can be dislodged because they are often under great stress when the patient completes simple, daily tasks such as walking, sitting, and sleeping. Even though the Dr Craft will provide instructions on how to handle the first few weeks with the new implants, dislodgement can occur and requires additional surgery or removal of the implants.

Post-Operative Complications

In contrast, a BBL involves fewer post-operative complications because it increases the size of the buttocks by transferring the patient’s own fat tissue to increase volume rather than inserting foreign implants. A seroma is a possible complication that may arise as a result of a BBL. It is similar to a hematoma except it is a collection of fluid rather than blood in the surgical area. Seromas form when damaged blood and lymphatic vessels discharge plasma – the clear, yellow fluid portion of blood. Most seromas can be absorbed by the body but severe cases may become infected and require medical attention. A drain is often used to remove seroma fluidand is removed around the 7 day mark.

Although BBL is the more popular and safer option, we recommend coming into our clinic and meeting with Dr. Craft to learn more about each procedure in order to determine which method is most suitable for you.

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