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Have you heard of a gluteoplasty? Maybe not, but you’ve most likely heard of the trending booty-enhancer known as a Brazilian Butt Lift. Miami patients flock to have this liposuction-based surgery performed to enhance their ‘bottom line.’ If you’re more than a little curious, you’ll want to know how we do it, and why it’s all the rage.

1.A consultation for Brazilian Butt Lift in Miami

The critical first step for planning any cosmetic procedure is meeting your potential plastic surgeon in person. This is like a job interview, except you’re doing the hiring! You’ll want to select a board-certified plastic surgeon who is renowned for their body contouring skills.

Next, schedule an appointment so they can examine you, ask you questions, and of course, answer all of yours. At this initial meeting is when you’ll find out what you’re working with. Are you a good candidate? Can you achieve what you want using liposuction and fat transfer techniques? Are you prepared to be patient through the recovery process? You’ll receive a detailed surgical quote and have the option to proceed with booking when ready.

2.During the procedure

General anesthesia will put you comfortably to sleep for the duration of surgery. You and your surgeon will have planned ahead of time where to remove fat from and where to place it, so your body will have some handy drawings in place, ready to guide sculpting.

3.Fat liposuction

Tiny incisions will be made in areas as discrete as possible. Usually, these can hide in a crease but may be positioned low on the small of the back, or at the side of the hip. They are just big enough to allow insertion of a long, thin cannula. They allow infiltration of a tumescent fluid which assists with fat removal, numbing the treatment area and minimizing bleeding.

4.Preparing fat stem cells

The fat will be carefully removed from your stubborn areas like love handles and thighs. Collected in a specialized container, we protect the fat from contamination and exposure to air.

5.The fat is transferred to large syringes

We process the fat by drawing it up into large syringes where the cells will separate from tumescent fluid and bodily secretions. Once the pure, useable fat is ready, the rest of the liquid will be discarded, and concentrated fat cells prepared for injection.

6.Time to add volume

A Miami Brazilian Butt Lift involves adding living, healthy fat to the areas where you want it (your soon-to-be-curvy buttocks,) and removing it from where you don’t. This part of the process requires not only advanced medical knowledge and skillful safety techniques, but an artistic touch and eye for shaping the body naturally and beautifully. Expert talent is necessary to create a figure patients will love. This part of the process involves multiple injections of micro-fat droplets, strategically placed into the tissue where it will take hold and thrive.

7. Incisions are closed and dressed

Your incisions will be closed with one or two sutures each and secured with a steri-strip. Roughly one week after surgery, those sutures may be removed, but you’ll be provided with instructions to keep the tiny incisions clean and safe while you heal.

There you have it, an incredible process that delivers transformative results. If you have more questions about this popular treatment, or you’d like to know what comes next in the BBL recovery phase, click on our related blogs or give us a call and we’ll be happy to talk with you. We welcome you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Phillip Craft and find out how you could begin loving your shape.

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