How Many Procedures Will I Need For A Brazilian Butt Lift?

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Brazilian Butt Lift

One of the best things about a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is that the curvy, natural-looking results ARE natural- your own fat is taken from areas of your body where you have a little extra, and carefully grafted to the buttocks with a number of artfully placed injections. This allows your Plastic Surgeon to sculpt and reshape the figure while smoothing and volumizing the bottom in a way that both looks and feels natural. Soft, real fat tissue is superior to buttocks implants in many ways. Part of the popularity of the Brazilian butt lift relates to the tiny injection points required versus surgical incisions and resultant scars.

BBL Plastic Surgeon

Another benefit is eliminating the worry of an implanted device shifting or becoming infected. Once the grafted donor fat cells have established themselves in the transfer area and good circulation is achieved, the results are permanent. As long as you avoid dramatic weight fluctuations you should expect to maintain your results for many years.

Choosing Miami’s best BBL plastic Surgeon is your first step toward ensuring long-lasting and natural-looking results. The careful technique required for a high percentage of transferred donor cells to, “take”, requires a very experienced, board certified Plastic Surgeon who has in-depth knowledge about the process of gentle liposuction to preserve live cells. They must process the extracted fat carefully to ensure only the highest quality donor fat is injected and possess an artistic eye which ensures smooth, feminine results.

Fat Graft Survival

A high success rate of 65%-85% permanency of fat graft survival is expected when these expert techniques are employed. There is also a shared responsibility on the part of the patient to follow post-operative instructions very carefully and maintain their results. Grafted fat will start to become vascularized and be nourished by your body’s circulatory system within a few months of your procedure.

Specific activity restrictions, a compression garment, avoiding direct pressure on the area and avoiding weight fluctuations will all help ensure your grafts live and keep a smooth, natural contour. By 4-6 months post-procedure, you will see your permanent results. Some patients may choose to have additional grafting if dramatic size increases are desired, or if contours can be improved in any areas.

Transform Your Figure

It is very important for Brazilian Butt Lift patients to be healthy, have a stable body weight and to avoid smoking before and after their procedure. Any condition which impairs healthy circulation, such as smoking cigarettes, can jeopardize your results and cause transferred fat to fail in some areas. As well, weight fluctuations which may occur in the sensitive time just after surgery, could affect the permanence of donor fat cells and necessitate a secondary procedure.

For healthy patients, one Brazilian Butt Lift procedure with its multiple benefits and minimal scarring is all it takes to completely transform their figure into the shape that they’ve always wanted and their results are permanent.

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