Brazilian Butt Lift Vs. Buttocks Implants

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Brazilian Butt Lift

Often when people begin their research about Brazillian Buttlift plastic surgery, they may be looking for the best Buttlift doctor, but they will see online references to butt implants and wonder if these are a good option for them. It may not always be clear what the difference between a Brazillian Butt Lift and Buttocks Augmentation with implants is, but there are a number of significant variances between the two procedures which are important to understand.

A true, Miami Brazillian Buttlift or, BBL, uses autologous fat, which is fat removed from your own body through liposuction, to add volume to the butt area. The fat is treated in the OR to make it useful for fat grafting, and is then injected carefully to sculpt and shape the buttocks.

BBL Results

Your expert board certified Plastic Surgeon creates a natural, curvaceous shape with your own body’s fat so that you achieve just the size and shape of bottom you want. The added bonus is that fat is typically taken from the waist, abdomen and flanks so that the waistline will be thinner and shapelier- just like an hourglass. This fat is then injected into the butt to achieve a natural-looking outcome.

Natural BBL results look and feel so good because they are achieved with your own fat- placed just where you want for curves in all the right places. In Contrast, butt implants are shaped, silicone implants which are surgically implanted into the buttocks to improve their shape. Implanting a synthetic device into the body carries with it particular considerations. There is always the small risk of capsular contracture involving the scar tissue which surrounds an implant thickening and tightening, requiring revision surgery.

Butt Implants

As well, patients can experience long term mobility issues due to interference of the implant with large, important muscles used for walking. The implants can become displaced which will cause the bottom to appear deformed and may be painful.

Secondary surgery can be necessary to correct such malposition. The risk of infection is problematic for butt implant surgery as well due to placement of incisions. In various countries around the world, illegal, liquid silicone and polymers are have been injected into the buttocks in attempt to replicate the soft, natural look of a BBL. The results are disastrous. They lead to painful complications, migration of the injected material and even deaths. There is no substitution for the perfected liposuction and fat grafting method of butt enhancement.

BBL Candidates

People of all shapes and sizes find that they are great candidates for a BBL. It is not usually difficult to find adequate fat stores on the body for use. Even thin people typically have enough fat reserves in areas such as the flanks, abdomen and thighs so that they can achieve an excellent improvement to their shape.

Your personal, one-one-one consultation will allow you time to discuss your concerns and questions with Dr. Craft. He will examine you and always recommend the safest, most effective method for achieving a transformation you will love.

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