Choosing Between Fat Injections VS Implants For Butt Augmentation

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Brazilian Butt Lift

Whether you are hoping for a dramatic enhancement or a subtle lift, if you are considering a buttocks augmentation, there are two surgical options: fat injections and buttock implants. Although both procedures have the same goal of enhancing and enlarging the buttocks in order to create a more desirable silhouette, the procedures themselves are very different. When determining the best option for you, it is important to understand the difference between these procedures, as well as the associated recovery time, risks, and results.

Fat Injections

A buttocks augmentation using fat transfer or fat grafting is commonly referred to as a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). This procedure uses fat which is harvested from your own body to enhance the shape and size of your buttocks. Using liposuction, fat is first removed, through small incisions, typically in the abdomen, hips, or thighs, where stubborn fat is often present. After being purified, this fat is injected into the buttocks where stem cells take hold to achieve the desired contour.

Recovery Time

The recovery time following a BBL is typically faster than that related to butt implants, as the procedure itself is less invasive. Most patients return to work within one week and can resume most activities within three weeks but there are certain restrictions related to putting pressure directly on the treatment area. Because the BBL is a two-step procedure, patients will be recovering from the liposuction and fat transfer procedure simultaneously.


Following the procedure, the treatment area will be swollen, though the majority of this can be expected to resolve within 2 weeks. As with any surgical procedure, there is a risk of infection, scarring, and bleeding. Although efforts will be made to ensure the survival of fat, there is a risk that some of the transferred fat will be reabsorbed by the body.


Although it may take up to three months to see the final outcome, during which time some transferred fat is reabsorbed by the body, the results of BBL are permanent.

Butt Implants

During a buttocks enhancement procedure using implants, the surgeon makes an incision in the buttocks and lifts the gluteus maximus in order to create a pocket for the implants. The implants, made of a soft, gel silicone, are carefully inserted and positioned before the incision is closed.

Recovery Time

It may take up to four weeks to recover from butt implant surgery, although most patients gain mobility within two to three days of the procedure. Due to the more invasive nature of this surgery, the recovery is often more painful. Great care must be taken with incision healing and activity restrictions while healing will help to prevent a rotation of the implant.


Although in most instances, patients do not experience excessive swelling, there is a risk that the implants will shift following the procedure, which may lead to asymmetrical results. In addition, there is a risk of infection, bleeding, and nerve or muscle damage.


Following butt implant surgery, the results are immediately visible. However, it often takes as long as six to eight months for patients to get used to the feeling of the implants and move as they normally would.

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