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Those planning a Brazilian Butt Lift in Miami often ask, just how much time do I need to recover? The average patient age and this sunny, health-conscious location mean that our active clients are often eager to get back to the gym and busy social lives post-procedure. No one wants to miss out on fun in the sun, and you won’t have to miss much, as long as you follow a few essential restriction guidelines. Here’s a general timeline to help you plan for recovery after a Miami Brazilian Butt Lift.

Miami Brazilian Butt Lift -Week 1 – 3

Dr. Phillip Craft and The Body by Craft team will provide you with detailed instructions regarding bathing, exercise, incision care and more. You’ll need to be positioned differently than usual while the delicate new fat cells establish themselves. You will have prepared comfy lounge areas at home ahead of time. You’ll need to rest on your front and prop up with pillows so there’s no pressure on the buttocks. You’ll have a friend or family member drive you home while reclining on your side or front.

During the first two to 3 weeks, you may only sit briefly, if absolutely necessary. You can use a donut pillow or other adaptive device to help offload pressure to the thighs.

You can and should take light walks right away because it helps improve circulation and reduce the risk of blood clots. However, move slowly and leisurely to avoid getting your heart rate and blood pressure up. The gym membership will need to be paused, and any activity that gets your blood pumping is restricted at this time.

After week three

Many people return to work by the third week, but they still need to accommodate sitting with a special pillow because compressed fat stem cells will not have the healthy blood supply and environment they need to take hold and thrive.

Most swelling and bruising have resolved by week 3. Light aerobic activity like walking and elliptical exercise can begin. You’ll likely be permitted to do upper body work with weights. You’ll be cautioned to avoid lunges or anything that requires you to sit and press.

After the first month

A gradual increase in activities can take place. Most of the swelling will be resolved at the point, and patients want to go out and show off their new look. Even though you will still see and feel gradual changes as the fat cells mature and inflammation disappears, you’ll be enjoying your new shape and not feeling any discomfort at this point. All the incisions should be healed entirely so swimming and bathing will be allowed, but your plastic surgeon will caution you to protect scars with sunblock because they could darken permanently if they tan.

Two months post op

Patients usually resume all activity, including normal sitting at this point. Your result will be settled, though your buttocks will continue to soften as inflammation gradually leaves the tissue.

You’ll be advised to keep an eye on healthy weight maintenance. If you gain weight, it may show up in unexpected places. Likewise, if you lose weight, you could find your new bottom shrinking. The fat cells will remain once healed, but they do fluctuate in size as your body fat varies.

You can exercise to maintain muscle tone and health, and enjoy your new shape for a lifetime.

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