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There are numerous fitness programs, yoga routines and specially designed diets targeted to new mothers. If you’ve given birth, you probably already know that some areas of the body change and just don’t seem to go back after having a baby. That’s why so many people choose mommy makeovers in Miami to help them get to the next level.

Shedding extra weight in the months and years after having kids can be an ongoing struggle, but after achieving some success, the problem of saggy belly and breasts remain. Your abdominal muscles may stretch apart and stay a little separated after pregnancy. It’s a condition called diastasis recti, and it leaves the belly protruding and broader no matter how hard you try to slim down.

When you’re ready to consider a mommy makeover, the extra surgical help may be just what you need to feel great in your workout gear and lead a healthier life. We believe in holistic beauty which includes a healthy diet and maintaining physical strength and wellness. When planning a mommy makeover in Miami, you’ll want to get in good shape first, and here’s why:

The Miami mommy makeover is not for weight loss

A person’s body mass index also affects their safety during surgery and healing. Your plastic surgeon will advise you to maintain a healthy body weight so that effective and long-lasting results can be achieved, and so you don’t take on any unnecessary health risks.Being significantly overweight, having high blood pressure, or smoking all place you at a higher risk of complications like infection, delayed healing, or bleeding.

Patients who are reasonably fit before surgery are generally happier with their results. Doing the work ahead of time also means your plastic surgeon will have more material to work with. Excess, sagging skin can be neatly trimmed away and reducing unhealthy intraabdominal fat means your tummy can be made smooth and tight again.

Your recovery may be more comfortable if you’re toned

One of the drawbacks related to recovering from a combination of surgeries is that you’ll be out of commission when it comes to activities, housework, playing with kids or pets for a while. Walking slightly bent over and resting for long periods on the couch or bed can lead to stiff muscles, general weakness, or symptoms like back pain. Regular exercise in the months leading up to surgery will improve your cardiovascular health, boost the immune system, and keep supportive muscles active.

How should you eat before and after a mommy makeover?

First, don’t crash diet. Restrictive, starvation diets are never a good idea. They can give you a false sense of accomplishment as you apparently shed weight fast, but you’ll often lose muscle mass and strength, not to mention deplete much-needed vitamins and minerals.

We recommend you eat balanced meals with whole, natural foods, and cut out processed, refined and sugary items. If you focus on whole, healthy fats, lean protein and fresh veggies and fruit, you’ll be building up sustainable, long term vibrancy and health for your body.

You’re considering investing significantly in your appearance with a transformative mommy makeover procedure. It makes sense to do all you can to lay the groundwork for a beautiful body that feels as good on the inside as it looks on the outside. Your skin will appear more toned and glowing, muscles strong and your new shape more youthful if you get in shape and stay that way.

At Body by Craft, we care about the well being of our patients, and that’s why we offer nutrition support and counselling to complement our cosmetic procedures. You can truly revitalize your life. Let us help, call today.

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