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At Body by Craft, we offer our patients a Miami mommy makeover to help regain their pre-pregnancy figure. As such, this type of makeover surgery is often mistaken for a weight loss procedure. However, for a successful mommy makeover or any type of transformative body procedure, it is of utmost importance to be at a healthy and stable weight before considering surgical intervention.

This is because additional weight loss after a contouring procedure can result in unwanted, excess skin that negatively alters the desired outcome. Therefore, we always recommend our patients to pay attention to the following considerations regarding weight loss before deciding on a Miami mommy makeover.

Weight Loss For A Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck procedure is a very common component in the makeover and the optimal results post-surgery can be achieved with the appropriate weight. Therefore, it is important to set a weight loss goal that reflects a stable and realistic number while maintaining a healthy body. By choosing healthy lifestyle choices for weight loss prior to your makeover, you are making your recovery more comfortable and your results more predictable and accurate.

Weight Loss For A Breast Lift

Weight loss can significantly impact the results of a breast lift, therefore we recommend our patients to lose weight prior to the procedure. Gaining or losing a considerable amount of weight will cause a noticeable effect on the shape and size of your breasts, rendering the makeover surgery pointless because you cannot enjoy the final outcomes.

Weight Loss For A Breast Augmentation

Similar to a breast lift, significant fluctuations in weight can cause negative implications for breast shape, size and volume. Often with weight loss, we see a reduction in the breast volume which may ultimately affect the choice of implant size and shape for a breast augmentation. The implants chosen pre-weight loss may not be ideal after post-surgery weight loss, thus we always suggest our patients interested in a breast augmentation with their makeover to lose weight prior to the procedure.

Weight Loss Before Liposuction

As with the other procedures, significant weight loss is best done before a liposuction procedure for a more satisfactory outcome. Additionally, the weight loss will mean less fat tissue must be removed to achieve the desired results, making the recovery process much quicker and easier. Ultimately, the weight loss prior to a liposuction procedure will increase the safety of the surgery by decreasing its invasiveness.

Overall, the general consensus among plastic surgeons is that weight loss should be undergone prior to any sort of body contouring procedure for the best results. The loss of significant weight post-surgery will undoubtedly cause alterations in your appearance, which may end up meaning additional surgeries and costs to achieve and maintain the desired aesthetics.

If you are interested in a Miami mommy makeover and have more questions regarding how to best prepare your body for it, we invite you to Body by Craft for a private consultation.

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