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Mommy Makeover

Becoming a new mother brings joy like no other experience. However, as miraculous and amazing as it is, there are real consequences for your body after undergoing pregnancy and childbirth. Your body is permanently changed from the weight gain, stretch marks, sagging breasts and loss of muscle tone. It is unfortunately difficult to bounce back, so how do you reclaim your pre-pregnancy body?

At Body by Craft, we give our patients a Miami mommy makeover as an effective solution to restore their bodies, self-esteem and confidence. Despite the changes your body experiences, including but not limited to fluctuations in breast size, sagging skin and breasts, stubborn excess fat and separated abdominal muscles, this type of makeover by Dr. Craft can address them.

Here is how a Miami mommy makeover is able to give you a full-body transformation.

Many women are able to restore their body to a pre-pregnancy state with a series of cosmetic procedures combined in a mommy makeover. The most commonly performed procedures are a tummy tuck and a breast lift/augmentation. However, what your makeover entails is completely up to you and your aesthetic goals. Below are some of popular procedures that our patients typically like to include in their treatment strategies

Breast Lift

A breast lift is a procedure for removing excess stretched skin in the breasts, which raises the nipples and reduces sagging. Depending on the surgery, the appearance of stretch marks may be improved or even eliminated.

Breast Augmentation

A breast augmentation can be performed for patients who feel a significant loss of volume in their breasts. The safe placement of implants can fill out stretched skin to restore the volume lost from pregnancy and breast feeding, as well as give natural-looking breasts that appear more youthful.

Breast Lift & Augmentation

Some patients are unhappy with all aspects of their breasts and therefore, they choose to undergo both a breast lift and augmentation during their procedure to improve their shape, size and volume.

Breast Reduction

On the other hand, some patients find that their breasts have increased significantly in size and have become uncomfortable. This type of issue requires a breast reduction to resolve, which can easily be incorporated into a mommy makeover surgery.

Tummy Tuck

For many women during pregnancy, the abdominal skin and muscles stretch dramatically to accommodate the developing baby. This results in loose sagging skin, stretch marks and decrease muscle tone that causes a belly bulge after the pregnancy. Healthy eating and exercise have little effect on these physical problems, thus many women choose to undergo a tummy tuck during their mommy makeover surgery. A tummy tuck removes the excess skin and tightens any weak or separated abdominal muscles to produce a flat and tone abdomen, in which no signs of pregnancy can be seen.

Brazilian Butt Lift

After becoming a mother, some women notice that the new sedentary lifestyle has brought on changes to the shape and size of their buttocks creating a wider, flatter and sagging appearance. With a Brazilian butt lift included in the makeover, patients can restore a perkier and curvier appearance of their buttocks.

Overall, it is very clear that this procedure can create a miraculous transformation for our bodies after pregnancy and childbirth. A carefully-planned and well-executed makeover can result in proportionate and aesthetically-stunning outcomes that you will enjoy long-term. After all, you will be restored to your previous, confident self.

If you are interested in a Miami mommy makeover and would like to learn more, we invite you to Body by Craft for a more personal and private discussion with Dr. Craft. This can be your opportunity to know how we can help you positively transform your body.

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