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Pregnancy and childbirth are life-transforming experiences – they change how we look at the world, how we think about our hopes and dreams for the future and how we look in terms of our physical appearance. Many women wish to restore their pre-pregnancy body but then discover that it is extremely difficult and perhaps even, unattainable with diet and exercise alone. At Body by Craft, we offer mothers the perfect solution for regaining their bodies.

A Miami mommy makeover is a personalized treatment plan that encompasses a number of surgical procedures to help mothers become comfortable and confident in their bodies again. The transformative ability of a makeover is truly magnificent and if this is something that you are considering, continue to read on to discover the magic of a Miami mommy makeover from Body by Craft.

Working With The Right Plastic Surgeon

As with any cosmetic procedure, choosing to work with the right plastic surgeon is the most important decision because of the factors that must be considered. A surgeon’s specific aesthetic expertise, their professional qualifications and level of specialized training can heavily influence the final outcomes of a procedure. At Body by Craft, you can trust that Dr. Craft and his team are all highly-trained with the appropriate skills to perform a successful procedure.

Combining The Right Surgeries

A makeover surgery does not have a “one size fits all” instead, each treatment is personalized to combine a variety of different cosmetic procedures that addresses the unique and individual concerns of every patient. Some of the popular procedures that are typically included in this type of makeover include breast lifts/augmentation, tummy tucks, liposuction and Brazilian butt lifts. The magical and transformative results from the makeover can be decided by you and the procedures you choose, with the expert guidance of Dr. Craft.

Choosing To Expand Your Family In The Future

This type of makeover is best-suited for mothers who are happy with the size of their family, as some of the surgical procedures can make having children in the future a little more complicated. For example, the outcomes from a tummy tuck will be amazing but a pregnancy after the procedure will cause the results to vanish. Thus, to truly appreciate and enjoy the long-term results of a makeover, it is important to consider your family goals.

Maintaining The Results With Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Although the results from a mommy makeover by Dr. Craft may seem astonishing, they only remain long-term if you follow a healthy, active lifestyle. It is also important to know that being fit and eating healthy can help with the recovery process and maximize the chances of achieving excellent outcomes.

Planning The Recovery Process

Like all surgeries, a mommy makeover will require recovery downtime to ensure that your body heals properly. Speak to us with any questions or concerns you might have, our team will also provide you with the guidance needed for a positive recovery after your makeover experience.

A Miami mommy makeover will make all the difference in your physical appearance after childbirth. It will also restore your confidence so that you are comfortable in your own body again. If you are interested in this procedure and what it can do for you on a personal level, come into Body by Craft for a private consultation and discover the magic of the makeover.

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