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Mommy Makeover

Like many other new mothers, you are excited for you body to bounce back into its pre-pregnancy state where you felt comfortable and confident. However, you may have noticed that all the healthy eating and intense exercises are not as effective as you wish. At Body by Craft, we offer our patients a Miami mommy makeover as an effective solution to help return their bodies to its shape before childbirth.

Many women after pregnancy commonly find issues such as sagging breasts, loose skin, and stretched abdominal muscles. This type of makeover can reverse all of these unwanted physical changes caused by pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding, at levels in which no amount of healthy eating and exercise can attain. However, even though a mommy makeover offers such potential benefits, the healthy eating habits and exercise routines you have developed in efforts of losing post-pregnancy weight is important since this makeover is not a weight loss procedure.

Our patients who go into the procedure in a reasonably fit state are the ones that are most satisfied with their results and have the most positive experience with recovery. Thus, we recommend for all our patients interested in a Miami mommy makeover to reach an ideal, stable weight with a healthy diet and exercise before undergoing the surgery.

Of course, weight loss can take a significant amount of dedication and effort therefore, consider the following benefits of losing weight before your makeover.

Weight Loss Can Lower Your Risk For Surgical Complications

Choosing to work with an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon for this makeover process is one key consideration that will ensure a safe and successful procedure. In addition to this, being healthy and fit is another critical factor. Patients may experience greater risk for complications such as infection, bleeding and delayed healing if they are unhealthy, significantly overweight or have high blood pressure.

These can all ultimately affect your final outcomes. Therefore, if there are any health or lifestyle issues that can be addressed with weight loss, it is best to do so prior to the procedure. As a reputable surgeon, Dr. Craft will also reinforce this and provide his professional guidance to help you prepare for this transformative experience.

Being Fit Will Lead To A Smoother & Quicker Recovery

As with all surgeries, a mommy makeover will require some downtime, however this can be hard on you and your family. Therefore, it is an extra incentive for patients to recover properly and quickly from the makeover. Physically fit and healthy patients are able to recover more quickly because regular exercise improves their immune system, cardiovascular health and stress response and a healthy diet ensures that the body has the nutrients it needs to heal and control inflammation. Their bodies are able to handle the surgery more efficiently and thus, can heal at a much faster rate.

Having A Stable, Ideal Weight Will Lead To More Satisfying, Long-Term Outcomes

Patients finds that they can achieve more satisfying results from their makeover when they are physically fit and close to their ideal weight. This is because their plastic surgeons are able to understand their body shapes better and can more closely achieve the aesthetic goals with surgery. Furthermore, significant weight loss after the makeover surgery can negatively impact the outcomes, causing additional sagging of breasts and skin. Therefore, being close to an ideal weight is important for satisfying results that last.

The results from this procedure must also be maintained in order to be long-lasting. The healthy eating habits and exercise that you have developed to reach your ideal weight will be useful post-surgery in keeping your new, transformed body the way you want it.

If you are interested in a Miami mommy makeover and would like more information on how to best prepare for it, please feel welcome to visit Body by Craft for a private conversation with Dr. Craft to learn more.

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