Removal Of Excess Skin In Miami: Is A Tummy Tuck The Best Way?

Tummy Tuck Surgery

The appearance of excess skin on the abdomen is typically caused by a dramatic loss in weight, which is a personal achievement that has taken time, effort and dedication. After losing a lot of weight though, there is likely loose, heavy folds of skin remaining as a constant reminder of your previous self. So now, the next step is to eliminate the excess skin that is preventing you from reaching your aesthetic goals.

Excess Skin Removal

Removal of excess skin is a common topic and you have likely heard of various treatments available out on the market, which include surgical and non-surgical options. Plastic surgery procedures such as a Miami tummy tuck is one of the most truly effective and reliable methods for removing extra skin and fat from the abdomen while improving muscle tone and body contour.

The Miami tummy tuck flattens the abdominal area when diet, exercise and weight loss has reached their capacities and are no longer effective. The surgical procedure involves an incision around the belly button that varies in length depending on the extent of the surgery. It can be a few inches to most of the length of the abdomen. Your plastic surgeon can then pull your skin back to remove excess fat and tighten any weakened abdominal muscles. The extra skin is removed when your plastic surgeon pulls your skin back up and adjusts your belly button. The final outcome of a tummy tuck is a trimmer and firmer abdomen.

Miami Tummy Tuck Procedure

An advantage to a Miami tummy tuck procedure is that there are a few variations of it depending on your individual needs and aesthetic goals. Rather than a standard, full tummy tuck, there is an alternative partial/ hybrid or mini-tummy tuck that are suitable for helping some patients achieve a flat tummy with no sagging skin.

Other options that are marketed to help with excess skin removal are skin creams and radiofrequency therapy. These typically produce less dramatic results compared to a tummy tuck procedure. For instance, skin creams are rarely effective in tightening the skin despite all the advertisements and radiofrequency therapy are only capable of moderate improvements. Additionally, non-surgical procedures have the risk of causing undesirable side effects like scarring, burns and pigmentation problems.

Loose Skin

Furthermore, some believe that exercise will improve the appearance of loose skin. Unfortunately, that is a myth and no amount of exercise will tighten the skin.

If you are currently experiencing dissatisfaction of loose, hanging skin in your abdominal area, we recommend that you consider a Miami tummy tuck as that is really the only effective and reliable way to correct the issue. It is also encouraged that you speak with a board-certified plastic surgeon to determine your options and the best route of treatment for you and your needs.

At Body By Craft Clinic, Dr Phillip Craft and the staff are always happy to open our doors for those with success stories about weight loss and those interested in learning more about Miami tummy tucks and how it can help with removing excess skin. If you would like, please schedule a private consultation with us for more information.

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