10 Tips and Tricks For Recovering After Your Tummy Tuck in Miami

Tummy Tuck Surgery

For most patients who’ve recently undergone cosmetic surgery, mixed feelings of excitement and impatience can set in. After a tummy tuck in Miami, it’s thrilling to know the excess skin that’s haunted you is finally gone for good. Those who live in our sunny climate are often eager to get through recovery and start living a more active, outdoor life with their new shape. You have a whole lifetime ahead of you to work and play with increased confidence in your rejuvenated figure. First, you’ll need a smooth, safe recovery and we’re offering our best tips to help.

Choose Your Miami Tummy Tuck Surgeon With Care

That’s right – your recovery from a body contouring procedure begins with your choice of surgeon, weeks or months before you ever enter an operating room. Many doctors may be competent in surgical skin removal, but you’ll be living with the cosmetic results. An artist like Dr. Phillip Craft will not only get the job done but will take the time to understand your goals. He has the expertise to reveal a gorgeous shape that’s proportionate and complements all your features, naturally.

Plan To Take It Easy For The First Few Days

Recovery from surgery is something you can’t rush and preparing ahead of time will allow you to relax and heal more effectively. Having nourishing meals and snacks ready in your fridge or sourcing healthy takeout options to support recuperation will pay off in beautiful ways. Don’t be too shy to ask someone for help at home. You can gradually increase your level of activity throughout the week as you begin to feel stronger.

There’s No Need To Be A Couch Potato

It can be tempting after cosmetic surgery to find a comfortable position and spend your day lounging. Netflix or great books may play a big part in your recovery, but it’s also important to get up and walk every hour or so during the day to move your muscles and improve blood circulation.

Avoid Constipation From The Start

A less-than-glamorous aspect of the anesthesia and pain medications can be a slow digestive system following your surgery. Walking periodically instead of lying in bed all day will help. Staying hydrated will benefit you, and you can take a fiber supplement. Your surgeon may also recommend stool softeners to ensure you don’t need to strain in the bathroom.

Prevent Infection

This is key to a smooth recovery. Follow all instructions for hygiene before and after your tummy tuck. Keep your incision area clean, and if you have any concerns about inflammation or the appearance of the surgical site, let your surgeon know.

Wear Your Support Garments

Your surgeon will provide you with a garment for gentle compression which improves incision healing and minimizes swelling.

Book Enough Time Off Work

Some patients feel ready to return to work after only a week, but if it’s possible for you to take two or even three weeks off, then you can turn your Miami tummy tuck into a mini-vacation! There’s nothing worse than dragging yourself back to work when you’re still feeling a bit stiff and store, Plus, stress can unnecessarily hamper your recovery.

Avoid Soaking

For the first few weeks while your incision is healing, avoid taking baths and avoid public pools or hot tubs. Even swimming in the ocean is temporarily off limits. You may love swimming, but it will come with a very high risk of infection and slow incision healing. Your doctor can advise you once you’ve healed enough to enjoy a nice soak again.

Keep It Dry

As you recover from your tummy flattening procedure, you might feel inclined to indulge in a drink to relax or to toast the fact that you’ve finally taken this exciting step! However, alcohol should be avoided for at least the first week, even if you’re not using pain medications. Alcohol, certain drugs and supplements can increase your risk of bleeding after surgery, so wait for the all-clear.

Celebrate Yourself

It’s normal to experience some ups and downs after a tummy tuck, including post-surgery blues. Most people start to feel more emotionally and mentally uplifted as they recover, and will ultimately be very satisfied with their decision. Your lifelong results will be more than worth the temporary discomforts and restrictions that are part of the recovery process.

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