Tummy Tuck Miami: How To Build Your Post-Op Exercise Routine

Tummy Tuck Surgery

Many of our clients at Body by Craft worked hard to get into shape and shed excess weight. For some, their daily fitness routine has become so important; they worry their patience won’t last through the recovery period after a Miami tummy tuck. Being active and healthy is a good thing, and we believe the best way to insure your investment and stay looking your best for years to come is to be as fit as you can after an abdominoplasty. Easing back into the workouts will take time, however. We’ll outline the safe and slow way to get back into a routine after a tummy tuck.

1.Go slow- listen to your body

A tummy tuck in Miami is no minor thing. You’ve undergone something much more invasive than Botox or a little liposuction. One of the best favors you can do for yourself is to commit to taking it slow.

In the first weeks after surgery, you’ll be advised to refrain from bending over, from lifting anything substantial and from standing completely straight. Just moving from laying to sitting and then standing positions may take a surprising amount of effort. It can be discouraging for active, independent people to find themselves tired out by basic movements and shuffling around their home. Rest assured; this is normal, and this is temporary. Take lots of breaks and don’t try to do more than walk short distances, slowly and carefully.

2.Move your legs after a tummy tuck in Miami

It can be tempting to climb into bed and alternate between streaming and sleeping for two weeks, but you need to move. There are at least two good reasons that walks are essential:

  • 1. Constipation- you don’t want it and walking helps stimulate peristalsis to prevent it.
  • 2. Lowering the risk of blood clots. This is important, especially as client ages are older. Laying still for long periods after general anesthetic keeps leg circulation sluggish and puts you at risk. Using those muscles every hour or two- even briefly- is advised.

3.Aerobic exercise

Your plastic surgeon will clear you when the risks for bleeding have passed, and swelling is on its decline. You can start with light cardio such as brisk walking, but you’ll need to avoid actions that engage your core and abdominal muscles too much.
Cycling or a low-impact elliptical may be permitted after 3-4 weeks. Ask your surgeon what they advise for you.

4.Legs and arms

Just walking, repositioning and sitting up each day will be gradually strengthing your midsection and you’ll find those muscles become fatigued quickly because they still hold some inflammation and tension. When it’s time to begin weights again, your surgeon will advise you to stick with legs and arms initially. At roughly six weeks post op, people can return to most of their previous workout activity but will still need to avoid intensive, targeted ab work.

5. Abdomen

Beginning with gentle pilates, leg slides or pelvic thrusts can be a comfortable way to ease back into abdominal workouts. At this point, roughly two months after surgery, most people are cleared to get back into whatever feels suitable for them. This is where it needs to be said again; listening to your body is critical. It’s essential that you understand that everyone is built differently as well. Not only are individual tummy tuck surgeries different, but people adapt, and their anatomy reacts differently. That means some people can start planking and doing full body workouts again at 6-8 weeks, others will still feel a little tension or weakness in the belly for a few months, and they’re better off waiting, not straining. Whatever pace you recover at, eventually your results will be well worth the long wait.

If you experience increased discomfort or anything concerning while you get more active, let your surgeon know so they can ensure you’re on the right track.

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