Tummy Tuck in Miami: Does Age Actually Matter?

Tummy Tuck Surgery

By the time you’re ready to start planning a tummy tuck in Miami, you may not be “young” anymore. Are you worried you’re too old for a tummy tuck? At Body by Craft, we have good news for you- age is much less of a factor than many people think.

Here, we’ll describe the characteristics that make an excellent cosmetic surgery candidate, no matter their age, and what to expect from planning to results.

Overall Health Before A Tummy Tuck In Miami

When our clients meet with Dr. Phillip Craft for their initial consultation, he listens to their goals and asks vital questions about their health history and lifestyle. He’ll perform a physical exam and may order laboratory tests to paint a more detailed picture of their medical situation. For patients of all ages, lifestyle factors like alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking are significant and can cause real concern for healing and potential outcomes.

Patients in their 50s or 60s, should be close to their ideal weight, have a healthy lifestyle and not have any uncontrolled medical issues. Your plastic surgeon will ensure that you’re suitable for general anesthetic and that you’re set to heal well after surgery.

Do Older People Choose Abdominoplasty?

It’s becoming far more common for people at midlife and beyond to finally consider the cosmetic surgeries they want to look and feel fabulous. Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck surgery) in Miami is a favorite way to smooth out sagging bellies, extra rolls or protruding abdomen.

Long after childbirth, separated abdominal muscles can mean a permanently altered midsection, yet many mothers wait until their children are fully grown, and they have the time or finances for self-care.

Men and women alike will often reset their health and fitness in midlife which means shedding excess weight and having redundant belly skin to contend with. A healthy diet and exercise can do wonders for your physique, yet only surgery effectively and permanently removes excess skin.

Will Recovery Be Harder For Older Patients?

Generally, those who are in good, general health recover well from a tummy tuck, yet having adequate time off and help at home is essential no matter what. One factor that changes with time is skin elasticity and rate of healing, so it’s possible that if you’re in your 50s or 60s, your incision may close more slowly, and variable results can be expected after liposuction. Your surgeon will discuss realistic expectations and safety measures for your situation to help you get the most from your procedure.

If you’re finally getting around to doing something good for yourself, we applaud you. You need not worry about being too old, but schedule an in-person consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon so you can begin the discussion with personalized advice and information. We welcome you to contact Body by Craft and start your transformation planning today.

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