Treat Yourself This Holiday Season With A Tummy Tuck In Miami

Tummy Tuck Surgery

There are two common reasons why the holiday season causes many people to think about improving their tummy. One is all the festive feasting which tempts and taunts from Thanksgiving to January 1st. Also, this is the time for resolutions involving a healthier lifestyle and body improvements for the New Year.

If you’re one of those people who promise yourself each December that the next 12 months will bring a slimmer, fit and more confident you, then why not ensure your success with a holiday gift that will help you? In Miami, tummy tuck procedures help people dramatically improve their figure and can often set them on the right track for lifestyle changes.

Why Is A Tummy Tuck In Miami Many Gifts In One?

The variety of patients who benefit from this body sculpting surgery include men and women of all ages. Those who have lost significant weight or women who’ve carried pregnancies will often have excess, sagging abdominal skin and possibly separated abdominal muscles. The condition is referred to as a diastasis recti. It can lead to poor posture and even make exercising a challenge.

Even very thin women may see a persistent, protruding belly after pregnancy because the vertical abdominal muscles are separated in the middle- allowing internal contents to push outward. A tummy slimming surgery enables repair of these muscles- pulling them tightly together like a corset. It also removes lax skin and can reconstruct the belly button. Add liposuction and the belly bulge, love handles, and waist all get a new shape.

For men and women who’ve gotten as far as they can on their own, this procedure can achieve improvements in all these areas and set them up to start the year with more control over their body and appearance.

Another unexpected gift may be the ability to wear clothes you didn’t dare put on before. In the New Year, wouldn’t you like to go shopping for more fitted, figure-flattering options, and even swimwear? Some people hide their bellies under baggy clothes and feel embarrassed about entering a gym because of rolls. We understand. At Body by Craft in Miami, tummy tuck procedures often give our clients such a confidence boost that they splurge on a new wardrobe as soon as they’ve healed.

No longer do you need to wear long, baggy shirts, one-piece swimwear or hide under layers. A necessary horizontal incision will be placed discretely, low on the abdomen, under the underwear line. Workout clothes will suddenly fit better, and you’ll be more comfortable working out in a gym or jogging in the park next Spring. Say hello visible abs showing up once the excess is gone for good.

This holiday season, think ahead to the whole upcoming year and ask yourself how much a body transformation would help you get on track and feel great about yourself. We’d love to meet with you and talk more about your goals, so we can help you achieve them. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Phillip Craft today.

The ideal candidate for a tummy tuck is someone who is within a healthy, stable weight range, has realistic expectations, and no uncontrolled medical conditions such as heart disease or hypertension. It’s also important that a candidate not have a large amount of internal, or visceral fat since this type of fat is beyond the reach of a liposuction procedure.

The consultation appointment is an excellent time to review your candidacy with your chosen surgeon and talk about your reasons for visiting a Miami tummy tuck clinic. This information will help your surgeon devise the best procedure for your needs and possibly recommend other treatments if they align better with your goals.

A tummy tuck is not a form of weight loss surgery, but is intended to improve the contour and profile of the body. Having realistic expectations about the results of a tummy tuck is one of the most important contributors to a patient’s satisfaction with their outcome.

Consult with A Body Contouring Specialist in Miami

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