Tips for How To Sleep After Your Tummy Tuck in Miami

Tummy Tuck Surgery

Staying comfortable after a tummy tuck in Miami has a lot to do with sorting out your sleeping arrangements. Plenty of people underestimate how much feeling a bit swollen and uncomfortable can prevent a good sleep. The unfortunate side effect is that perception of discomfort and emotional stress can increase when you’re sleep deprived. There are a few guidelines to reclining safely and comfortably after an abdominoplasty. Ask your plastic surgeon to advise you if you have specific concerns.

After a tummy tuck in Miami

For the first week or two, you’ll be walking a little bent over at the waist, and when you lay down, you need to maintain that slightly fetal position. This helps to keep unnecessary tension off your long, horizontal abdomen incision. It’s recommended that you make plans to elevate your knees as well because propping up the head and shoulders without knee support becomes very uncomfortable, quite quickly.

A recliner chair is a popular way to relax and sleep after a tummy tuck. It’s not a necessary item, but our patients love how it helps them to reposition and allows for adjustable elevation of the head and shoulders. Another option is to prop up the head of the mattress and put firm cushions under the knees, and some people even rent a hospital bed or adjustable bed.

One thing you cannot have too many of after a tummy tuck in Miami is pillows; body pillows, firm pillows, squishy soft ones and even airplane pillows. It can be tricky to get comfortable, and you may find you need to reposition several times a night for the first week. Try placing pillows under your arms, at your sides to prevent rolling over, and carefully positioned to avoid neck pain.

Practice makes perfect

That’s right; if sleeping on your back or with a raised head feels foreign to you, spend some nights in the weeks before surgery trying out the new position and becoming more familiar. By the time your OR date arrives, you’ll have one less thing to adjust to.

Take your medication

Effective pain management is essential. Luckily, many of our clients report that recovery from abdominoplasty isn’t overly painful, but the sensation of tightness and swelling can be annoying, and while you’re trying to sleep, every bothersome feeling becomes amplified. Many people prefer to avoid strong medications if they can help it, but this is an ideal time to take your analgesics as directed so that you don’t wind up miserable in the middle of the night. After the first 5-7 days, much swelling and tension will have resolved, and those restful nights become easier to manage.

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