Things You Should Know About Tummy Tuck For Men

Tummy Tuck For Men

As advancements in Cosmetic surgery and popularity of enhancement procedures increase around the world, it is not unusual for male Tummy Tuck surgery and male abdominal liposuction to be frequently requested. These procedures were designed to be performed by expert Tummy Tuck surgeons to achieve flatter, smooth abs and remove excess skin or fat on the abdomen area. While abdominoplasty is commonly thought of as a restorative option for women’s midsections post-childbearing, there are many reasons a man might choose an abdominal cosmetic surgery option as well.

Qualified Candidates

Qualified candidates for this procedure will not have large amounts of intra-abdominal or, visceral fat. This type of excess weight can make the belly protrude but the way to reduce it is diet and exercise. Liposuction is restricted to use in the fat layers on top of the abdominal muscles and primarily used for contouring and defining, not significant weight loss. The consultation is a good opportunity to talk about expectations and goals that a man has for abdominal procedures as well as have an exam and discuss the options.

Weight loss, especially significant- over 50 lbs, will sometimes result in lax, excess skin being visible on the lower belly. After men work hard to lose weight and get in shape, they want to be able to feel confident with a shirt off. An abdominoplasty allows surgical excision of skin, tightening muscles which may be lax or separated, and removal of any problem fat spots with liposuction.

Full Tummy Tuck

The scar from a full Tummy Tuck procedure will be placed low on the abdomen in a horizontal line, so that it can be easily covered with underwear. Advice will be given to ensure that scars heal well and fade to be as minimal as possible. Fitted clothing, beach wear and confidence being intimate can all improve for a man who feels better about his abdominal appearance.

The best male Tummy Tuck in Miami starts with a personal consultation between your board certified Plastic Surgeon and you. Discussion about your overall health and medical history ensures safe procedure planning and reduces risks associated with surgery. Recovery is an important process involving detailed instructions from your surgeon and careful planning by the patient.

Long Term Maintainance

It is important to know that Tummy tuck procedures for men typically require 1-2 weeks away from work as well as avoidance of strenuous activities for a time, including cardio work outs and weight-lifting. Walking only is usually recommended for the first 2 weeks. Active people require a lot of patience to reduce movement in the recovery phase but optimal results depend on careful adherence to your Plastic Surgeon’s instructions.

We advise healthy meal and supplement plans to get you back in top form as fast as possible. Long term maintenance of your new, toned look will depend on continuing a healthy, active lifestyle and avoiding major weight fluctuations.

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