Resuming Exercise After Your Tummy Tuck In Miami

Tummy Tuck Surgery

Do you “need” to work out? In body-conscious Miami, tummy tuck patients usually want to know how soon they can’t return to the gym or hit the running trails after their procedure. A significant number of patients who choose body sculpting through abdominoplasty have lost considerable weight, and regular fitness is an essential part of their health routine.

At Body by Craft, we understand, and our enhancement team can help you prepare and adjust to get the most from your procedure.

Miami Tummy Tuck – Do You Need To Stop Working Out?

Even though abdominoplasties are very common and considered to be safe in the hands of an experienced plastic surgeon, this is major surgery and enough recovery time along with realistic expectations will bring you the most satisfaction. Don’t worry; you can stay healthy while you recuperate and the short-term break from workouts will be well worth it when you get back to it.

Recovery Timeline

You’ll need to refrain from aerobic activity for roughly 3 weeks after your procedure. Does this mean you’ll be bed-ridden? Not at all. In fact, your surgeon will advise you to be up and walking around regularly as this reduces some health risks, but you’ll be taking it slow and avoiding increases in heart rate or blood pressure.

With a slightly bent posture at first, we’ll advise you to be up and about for 5 to 10 minutes every hour when not sleeping. This will help keep circulation moving and avoid constipation too. Drink plenty of water and continue to eat a balanced, nutritious diet loaded with fruits, veggies and protein.

By week 2-3, your surgeon will advise you that some activity increases are ok, yet you’ll still need to avoid strenuous, heavy lifting, abdominal crunches and similar actions because of the targeted abdominal strain. Low-impact options such as a stationary bike and brisk walking could be suitable.

Sometimes an increase in cardio will temporarily bring back tissue swelling. Each case is unique, and you’ll follow up with your surgeon closely to ensure you’re on track and healing well while you ramp up exercise.

Pro tip: Avoid eating salty foods during recovery and increase water intake to help flush out medication metabolites and decrease water retention. You may have a suppressed appetite for the first few days, so it’s a good idea to have light, easy to digest meals on hand for nutritious post-op eating. You’ll want to take any pain medication or antibiotics on a full stomach as well, so try to eat a few small meals a day, even if you’re not hungry.

When you’re ready to schedule your tummy tuck in Miami, you can expect some dramatic, exciting changes to your figure and improved self-confidence. Even fitness routines can level up in the long run as people feel more physically comfortable, fit their gym clothes and have a greater range of movement. Your time off to relax while you heal will be well worth it.

We welcome you to contact Body by Craft and set up your consultation when you’re ready for next steps. We look forward to meeting you.

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