How Long Does It Take to Perform Tummy Tuck in Miami ?

Tummy Tuck Surgery

In Miami, tummy tuck surgery is extremely popular. Aside from breast augmentation, this figure reshaper is always in demand. Many people have heard of it, (or the medical term: abdominoplasty) but they might not know much about what it entails.

Just what happens during a tummy tuck, and how long does the procedure take? Here we’ll answer some essential questions that could help you decide if this is the right treatment for you.

Tummy tuck in Miami- What type will you have?

This is a great place to start researching if you want a better understanding of the details involved. There are a few different methods which plastic surgeons use to smooth and rejuvenate a person’s midsection.

Standard abdominoplasty

The full tummy tuck is often the most transformative and comprehensive route to go. It allows the surgeon to remove sagging belly skin, reconstruct the navel, perform liposuction and repair separated muscles that cause bulging. Common after pregnancy, muscle separation, also known as diastasis rectus, can make a person appear constantly bloated no matter how they work to stay fit. Surgical diastasis repair is the only way to correct the issue, and a full abdominoplasty allows this. The time required under general anesthetic in the OR will be roughly 4-5 hours.

Partial or mini-tummy tuck

Mini-abdominoplasties require shorter incisions and suit patients who have minor fat deposits or skin laxity below the umbilicus only. This method leaves the navel untouched and removes a smaller ellipse of skin to pull the surface smooth. Many patients of both genders who’ve lost significant weight or who see a little sagging with age choose the mini option. The surgery time will be roughly 1.5-2.5 hours.

Floating/hybrid tummy tuck

Miami tummy tuck patients don’t always have excessive skin or fat to deal with. Sometimes the diastasis issue alone troubles them while their skin is reasonably taut. A little laxity may be present above the navel, but not below. Everyone is unique, and surgical solutions are designed to be customizable. A hybrid version of the tummy tuck uses endoscopic tools to repair muscles, temporarily detach the umbilicus and float it downward slightly. A small amount of skin will be excised low on the abdomen which allows the entire frontal belly to be smoothed. The belly button is then reattached a centimetre or two lower, and the patient enjoys a flatter abdomen. This procedure may take between 2-3 hours in the OR.

What comes after abdominoplasty?

Many tummy tuck patients return home to recover the same day as their procedure. No matter which method you choose, you’ll need to count on roughly two weeks away from work and regular activity. Those who exercise daily or perform strenuous tasks will be advised to limit workouts, sports and heavy lifting for 4-6 weeks. The incision in all cases is placed low on the abdomen so that it hides well under swimsuits and underwear. If the belly button is revised, there will be a small incision encircling it which is typically tucked away discretely and fades to be nearly invisible.

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