How A Tummy Tuck In Miami Can Prepare You for Bikini Season

Tummy Tuck Surgery

In body-conscious vacation destinations, the pressure is on for people to stay fit and bare beautiful skin. Every mother looks forward to the day her body bounces back after childbirth, and she feels like herself again, but for some, the wait is long and fraught with disappointment.

After all, there are improvements which can be gained through hard work and healthy living, but other permanent changes to the skin, breasts, and abdomen may be out of her hands to fix. That is where the Miami mommy makeover comes in. This revolutionary head-to-toe body restoration describes a combination of cosmetic surgeries designed to give a women back her pre-pregnancy confidence.

Is It Possible To Look Great & Feel Confident In A Bikini Again?

Many women know the struggle of searching for cute cover-ups, tankinis and drapey-beach wear rather than the cute little suits they’d prefer. After giving birth to one or more children, a mom may have to pass over most of the sexy outfits at the store and go straight for the tummy controlling, high-waisted, camouflaging options.

Thankfully, today it’s possible for people to undergo a one-time, body makeover that reshapes and flattens the tummy while lifting or volumizing the breasts. Those who have a C-section scar they’d like to hide will be happy to know that they can have it completely removed during a tummy tuck procedure and the new scar will be carefully placed below the underwear and bikini line.

What Procedures Do People Usually Include In A Miami Mommy Makeover?

Abdominoplasty: Also known as a tummy tuck, there are a few different techniques plastic surgeons use to tighten and smooth the midsection, reconstruct the belly button and secure separated abdominal muscles. The procedure results in a long, horizontal scar that is placed low, over the pubic bone. Lax, sagging skin and stretch marks on the lower belly can be removed entirely, and a flat tummy ready to show off in bikinis is revealed again.

Liposuction: Stubborn pockets of fat on the thighs, butt or belly are diminished through liposuction. While not a method for weight loss, lipo can help improve contours and target those hard to work off areas.

Breasts: Many women choose to add a breast augmentation to their Miami mommy makeover. In addition to implants, she may look to a mastopexy procedure for lifting the breast tissue and repositioning the nipples. A firmer breast and tighter tissue can completely transform a woman’s shape and boost her confidence. When the breasts are no longer sagging, and cleavage is restored, the chest is better suited to a variety of swimsuit styles and shopping for the beach can be fun again.

If you’re ready to reshape your figure and get back into a bikini, you may need a little help. At Body by Craft we’re the mommy makeover experts, and we’d love to talk with you.

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