A Tummy Tuck Can Get Your Body Summer Ready

Tummy Tuck Surgery

While most people feel excited and invigorated as spring approaches each year, many individuals also feel a sense of dread, knowing that bathing suit season will soon be upon them. In many cases, diet and exercise alone are unable to bring about the change that both men and women seek, particularly in the abdomen where stubborn fat tends to reside. Luckily, abdominoplasty, a body contouring procedure frequently referred to as a tummy tuck in Miami, can help get your body bikini ready by tightening and toning your mid-section.

The Procedure

A tummy tuck is a popular procedure which improves the body’s contour by removing excess skin or fatty deposits from the abdomen while also tightening weakened abdominal muscles. During this procedure, the plastic surgeon makes a horizontal incision in the patient’s lower bikini line just above the pubic area, to facilitate the removal of unwanted abdominal fat and skin from the underlying tissues.

Depending on the patient’s needs, a second incision may also be made around the navel to release it from the surrounding skin, enabling the plastic surgeon greater precision when tightening and pulling the skin flat. The abdominal muscles are also tightened to provide a more well-defined waistline and in many cases, repair the vertical separation of muscles, known as diastasis which frequently occurs as a result of pregnancy. The remaining skin is then pulled taut and the incision is carefully closed by the plastic surgeon, creating a smoother, trimmer silhouette.

Abdominoplasty surgery can take anywhere from one to three hours and is performed on an outpatient basis, which means patients can return home the day of the procedure or should they so desire, may recover in our surgical suite, a luxurious facility with 23-hour care.

Ideal Candidates

Although abdominoplasty is a transformative procedure, it is not a weight loss surgery. Ideal candidates for a tummy tuck have realistic expectations, are in good overall health, and have reached their ideal weight through diet and exercise. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle both before and after a tummy tuck is necessary for optimal results.

Beach Ready Body

While each patient is unique and heals at their own rate, in most cases, light work can be resumed within two weeks and exercise can be reintroduced as soon as six weeks following this procedure. Minor swelling and discomfort will gradually subside and once the stitches are removed, the resulting scar can be easily hidden beneath the bikini line, particularly over time as it becomes less prominent. Although the final results may take up six months to one year to be evident, within a few months many patients are so confident in the results of their transformation that they are ready to hit the beach.

There’s no better place to get your body ready for the beach than sunny Miami. Whether you live in the area or are visiting from out of town, we welcome you to contact us today to schedule a tummy tuck consultation with Dr. Craft.

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