5 Things You Should Know About A Post-Holiday Tummy Tuck In Miami

Tummy Tuck Surgery

Every year at Body by Craft in Miami, tummy tuck patients seek out Dr. Phillip Craft to help reshape their figure through a flatter midsection. After the holidays are over, plenty of people are left feeling a little pudgy from too many sweets, and many more have set body transformation goals that they need help with. That’s where the procedure, also known as abdominoplasty, comes in.

Your New Year’s resolution may involve revamping your diet and getting more, regular exercise in. That’s still the best way to lose weight and stay healthy. However, for some stubborn pockets of fat and belly bulges, no amount or working out will rid you of it. Here’s what you need to know about the cosmetic surgery that smoothes and slims your waistline.

Liposuction Can Be Included

Fat pockets persist more for some people than others. Their location on the body also seems to be a factor for fat loss. Abnormal contours and bulges that don’t disappear when the rest of you shrinks, may need to be sucked out. An experienced and artistic board-certified plastic surgeon may carefully sculpt and smooth stubborn fat on the abdomen and sides which can elevate your result from a tummy tuck in Miami.

Say Goodbye To Stretched Skin

If you’ve lost significant weight or carried pregnancies, then you may know the embarrassing and frustrating problem of excess skin. Particularly in the lower abdomen, rolls that hang over a waistband and sag, often persist after the fat is gone. Though skin will retract a little on its own, it often needs surgical excision to be truly toned again. The surgery utilizes a well-hidden horizontal scar to remove the excess and tighten you up.

Rethink Your Wardrobe After A Miami Tummy Tuck

People often want to improve the look of their belly unclothed, but they may not even realize the incredible benefits to come for their clothing choices and style. You see, once you no longer feel self-conscious about your shape and things fit better, you may start to choose flashier, tailored items, stretchy work out gear, sexy dresses, and even swimwear. A world of fashion possibilities can open to you.

See Your Proportions Differently

One of the often delightful side effects of a tummy tuck for both men and women, is that the result will make other body areas look better. For instance, a woman may see her figure as more of an hour-glass with breasts and hips fuller once the waist shrinks. For men, broader shoulders and abs can appear out of thin air once love handles and belly flab are banished.

You Can Be Beach-Ready In No Time

Scheduling your procedure soon after the holidays means you’ll have more than enough time to recover and feel back to normal before warm weather hits. In fact, your incision will be well-healed and fading with proper care by the time you put a bathing suit on and head to the beach.

Recovery from this procedure takes 2-3 weeks for the majority of healing and another few months to feel totally healthy, comfortable and ready to show off. Contact Body by Craft to learn more about the benefits of a the procedure and how you can be reshaped for the New Year.

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