5 Things to Look For After a Tummy Tuck in Miami

Tummy Tuck Surgery

At Body by Craft, Dr. Phillip Craft is a renowned body sculpting expert who delivers many beautiful tummy tuck results each year. What he considers to be an optimal result is what most patients are hoping for.

Great Miami tummy tuck results share these five qualities

1. Symmetry and smooth contours

When the positioning of an incision, amount of fat, or shape on either side of the body is imbalanced, it’s easy for others to see it right away. Although no one’s body is perfectly symmetric, you can compare pre and post op photos to see if a person has acquired a new unevenness after their procedure. Look at the waist where each side should tuck in equally and smoothly. Look at the skin between the incision and the umbilicus- is it lumpy, bulging on one side, or indented anywhere? It’s not uncommon to see an incision which is higher on one side than the other, though this can be avoided in most cases with expert planning and surgical skill.

2. Incision

Speaking of the incision, a tummy tuck in Miami will always result in a long, horizontal incision located low on the abdomen. Whether you choose a mini or full abdominoplasty, the scar is unavoidable, but a good-looking scar can be achieved.

Once completely healed at roughly one year, a great tummy tuck scar should be challenging to see. The line should be thin, pale and low enough on the abdomen that regular underwear or swimsuits will cover it. To be fair, everyone scars differently, and some people develop raised, reddened hypertrophic scarring due to an immune response. In many cases, keeping tension off the incision, ensuring no infection or irritation while healing, and protection from the sun will bring an excellent result. The location and symmetry of your scar depend entirely on your surgeon.

3. The belly button shape and scar

The belly button can be the one area that gives a tummy tuck away. A talented plastic surgeon who performs a significant number of abdominoplasties will develop skills for creating realistic belly button shapes that hide scars and heal well.

4. Waist shape

Flat and boxy isn’t usually desired. Though musculature and bone structure will affect the potential for an hourglass, surgeons are often able to slim and indent the waist using contouring techniques. Your abdomen should appear reasonably flat with a thin midline, and no extra love handles hanging around at the sides. During the pre-operative planning is when the surgeon will discuss adding liposuction to sculpt away excess bulges in this area.

5. Proportionate and harmonious results

Excellent plastic surgeons consider the whole body shape when adjusting one area like the abdomen. When viewing before and after pictures, nothing should appear unusual or unnatural about the after photos. Surgeons avoid pulling the skin too tight, removing too much fat or otherwise creating a tummy that doesn’t fit the rest of the body.

A final note about viewing online results* Watch out for changing light sources, perspective or possible airbrushing. Unfortunately, these common tricks can give a false impression. The best way to see real results you can count on is to visit Body by Craft and speak with Dr. Craft in person.

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