What Exercise Is Safe 3 Weeks After A Miami Breast Augmentation?

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Since most patients considering a Miami breast augmentation are fit, health conscious individuals, they are often anxious to know how soon after the procedure they can resume their regular workout routine.

Although most patients are able to return to work and other light activities within one week of the procedure, some exercises should be avoided for the first several weeks to allow your body sufficient time to heal. Abdominal workouts and aerobic exercises are safe after three weeks but exercises involving the upper body should be avoided for up to six weeks. Above all else, it is important to let your body guide you to ensure that you do not push yourself too hard during the recovery period.

Light Exercise Such As Walking Should Be Resumed As Soon As You Are Up To It

Although you may not feel up to it for the first day or two post-operatively, once you have your energy back, it is important to integrate light activities such as walking into your daily routine. However, rigorous activities such as running on a treadmill and machines such as rowers or the elliptical should be avoided for at least three weeks, as they work up a sweat and increase your heart rate significantly. Lifting, pulling, straining and pushing should be avoided as these movements engage the healing pectoralis muscles.

Abdominal Workouts & Aerobic Exercises Are Safe After Three Weeks

Three weeks after your breast augmentation in Miami, it is safe to resume abdominal workouts and aerobic exercises. However, strenuous exercises should be gradually reintroduced and it is crucial to listen to your body and stop if you feel uncomfortable. When resuming cardio exercises such as running on a treadmill, it is important to wear a supportive bra. Extensive use of machines such as rowers and the elliptical should still be avoided as should upper body work.

Avoid Exercises Involving The Upper Body For 6 Weeks

It is important to wait at least six weeks before reintroducing exercises involving the upper body to ensure that the implant position is secure. After approximately six weeks, your tissues are typically 80% healed which means that many of the restrictions on physical activities can be lifted. However, you should be cautious when resuming chest, shoulder and overhead triceps work, as they work the pectoralis muscles. Take it slow and only do what you feel up to.

Exercise can have a tremendous impact on both your physical and mental health. However, when recovering from your Miami breast augmentation, it is important to listen to both your body and your plastic surgeon’s advice. Only reintroduce exercise once you have been cleared to do so and be sure that you do not push yourself too hard. Following your procedure, Dr. Craft will provide you with a detailed list of aftercare instructions which should be carefully adhered to in order to ensure the safety and efficacy of your recovery.

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