5 Things To Avoid Following Your Breast Augmentation in Miami

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After you’ve completed your breast augmentation in Miami, there’s nothing you need to do but go home, watch Netflix and relax—or is there? Though they’re relatively straightforward, the restrictions you need to follow after your surgery are critical to safety and success. We’ll outline 5 of the most important instructions you’ll have after surgery and explain why these are essential.

5 Restrictions After Breast Augmentation in Miami

Avoid heavy lifting- including children

For patients who are parents, this can be one of the most challenging instructions we give. Here’s why it’s crucial. Your arm muscles and the action of lifting are connected to chest muscles. When you push, pull or pick up something heavy ( over 10 pounds) you’ll be engaging the pectoral muscles which in turn, push down and outward on your new breast implants. You may not even realize how much the simplest everyday use of your arms affects the chest. While in most cases, the concern will be pain and discomfort only, it is possible to push on those implants with strong muscle use and jeopardize your results. For two to 3 weeks, you’ll need help with any pets or kids that typically need lifting.

Sleep on your back, a little elevated

This is also frustrating for some people who are naturally front sleepers. The swelling in your chest increases with gravity so laying down flat all night could make your breasts feel more sore. If you roll onto your front in the first two weeks, pressure on fresh implant pockets will not feel pleasant. We recommend placing firm body pillows alongside you to help prevent accidentally turning.

Don’t stretch

Everyone experiences tension and breast discomfort differently while healing, but it’s generally not advised to reach the arms up over the head or forcibly stretch until you’re healed. Your plastic surgeon may give you the all-clear after the first couple of weeks, but listening to your body and resisting uncomfortable movement could mean keeping your arms down a bit longer. There’s no need to put extra tension on your incisions or stretch the breasts post procedure.

Don’t swim

Unfortunately, for Miami breast augmentation patients, avoiding swimming of all kinds can feel somewhat restrictive. You’ll need to be vigilant about infection prevention until those incisions are totally healed, so that means staying out of pools, baths and hot tubs too.

Don’t take medications or supplements without asking

It might surprise you to know that some natural remedies and herbal supplements can cause a big problem after breast augmentation. Products like Ginseng, Gingko Biloba, St. John’s Wort, Garlic, Omega 3s, and many more, affect how you naturally bleed and clot. It’s tempting to load up on healthy smoothies and handfuls of supplements after surgery to heal well, but we recommend sticking to a whole food, balanced diet and double checking with your plastic surgeon before taking a single vitamin or over the counter pill, just in case.

When you schedule your breast augmentation with Dr. Phillip Craft, he and his expert team will meet with you before the procedure day and provide detailed information to help you recover with ease. We’re available to answer questions at any time. Call us today to book your personal consultation. We look forward to helping you plan this rewarding cosmetic surgery.

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