Anna Craft

Executive Practice Manager

Anna Craft

Wife, Mother of two, Executive Practice Manager and Dr. Phillip Craft’s Muse.

Dr. Craft may be the head of his practice, but his wife of 25 years is the heartbeat. Anna is no stranger to the work and skill behind managing a medical office. She began running her mother’s anesthesiology practice straight out of college and then moved on to launch, build and manage Dr. Craft’s practice for the next 25 years. Her mother, Dr. Paz Cruz has been in practice for 30 years serving as a private anesthesiologist to Dr. Craft’s father, Dr. Phil Craft. Then moved on to be Dr. Craft’s right hand in surgery to this day. Thanks to Anna, Dr. Craft and Dr. Cruz, the business has become a family affair that thrives on responsibility not only to patients but family members alike.

Anna started her first plastic surgeries while her modeling career was in place. She claims she never considered surgery until she began to manage the practice and witness first hand what a good surgeon who is conservative in this approach can do to someone’s naturally beautiful appearance.

She believes doing surgery for yourself and no one else is key in patient satisfaction, doing research on your physician and steering away from surgery trends that turn natural looking bodies into exaggerated versions of themselves. She has been able to observe patients come in wanting to reverse extra large breasts, aggressive liposuctions, large fat transfers and overdone facial fillers. While it is possible to improve these looks, it is sometimes very difficult to reverse or even consider taking these cases with the fear of the outcome not being satisfactory.

She wants patients to understand the importance of subtle change and choosing your surgeries wisely for it is easier and less costly to do it correctly the first time than to revise and have to spend double without knowing for sure what the result will be.

Anna’s experience as a patient and a practice manager for so many years allows her face to face interaction with each and every patient concern. She created a practice that would focus on her husband’s skills and professionalism as well as his resolution to follow his own views on what is beautiful. They believe natural is king and trends are a volatile route to consider so we are excited to launch this initiative to educate patients before they choose to undergo surgery.

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