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Liposuction is not a weight loss tool but this popular cosmetic surgery tends to come to mind when people discuss weight loss or Body-Mass Index (BMI). When planning a body contouring surgery at one of Miami’s liposuction clinics, BMI and body weight will have significance: A person’s weight and percentage of body fat should be within a healthy range before planning liposuction. There are a few subtle differences between BMI versus body weight, however, and understanding the meaning of a healthy BMI can be useful for making sense of what can sometimes be a confusing set of information.

What Is BMI?

The Body-Mass Index is a way of evaluating internal mass and using the measurement to determine if someone is overweight or underweight. BMI is calculated through dividing a person’s weight in pounds (lb) by their height in inches (in) squared, and multiplied by 703. BMI = 703 x Mass ÷ Height2
A growth chart which outlines each weight range based on age and sex makes it easy to figure out where your number lands. Don’t worry; plastic surgeons have easy conversion tools to make the calculation for you if you find it tricky. The normal range for BMI is between 18.50 and 24.99. Overweight begins at 25 and anyone at 30 or over is typically considered obese.

A healthy BMI is generally defined as being within the normal range and remaining stable. Because muscle, fat and water affect a person’s weight, and depending on their build, their plastic surgeon will likely evaluate their body weight in person and consider more than one factor when judging suitability for surgery. Miami liposuction clinics will typically evaluate both apparent body weight and a measured BMI when helping patients to plan body-contouring surgeries.

Because liposuction is not designed for weight loss and due to increased surgical risks for obese patients, those with a high BMI will often not qualify for surgery until they have shed some excess weight. With some guidance and caring support, many clients are able to reduce body fat on their own so that future procedures can yield the best results.

Limits Of BMI Measurements

BMI is considered to be a tool with a few limitations. One of these is that the BMI formula does not scale well for people of below or above-average height. Shorter people tend to generate BMI results that are higher than they should be and taller people get results that are lower. The other major limitation is that the BMI formula does not distinguish between fat and muscle. Individuals with large amounts of lean muscle and low levels of fat can easily end up with BMI measurements in the overweight or obese range.

Significance Of BMI For Liposuction

Body-Mass Index is not the only way liposuction clinics in Miami assess patients. A person’s weight will naturally fluctuate, but generally speaking, it should not change more than 10 pounds or so after liposuction surgery in order to preserve the results.

Though a very small amount of weight loss may be measured once a person has recovered from liposuction, the body reshaping effect is considered to be the goal rather than weight reduction itself.

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